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  1. "Kids with doves" scene in OC sparked political speculations on Chinese social media A report on HK news site hk01.com, later picked up by Taiwan News: The report later clarified that this snippet is in fact an impromptu from Tian Tian, director of this chapter. She said that during rehearsal, one kid was trailing behind others and was led back into the team, and because "this is a very warm picture, very warm and very happy", she included it in the final program. The "trailing dove" scene: https://cdn.hk01.com/media/images/dw/20220205/566657797995892736265710.mp4 Chinese Communist Youth League post on Weibo: Meme from Weibo: text reads: (upper) "Let's return home!"; (lower) "Taiwan"
  2. India becomes the latest country to join Beijing 2022 diplomatic boycott. Indian diplomats will not attend opening and closing ceremonies, while Indian national broadcaster Doordarshan will not broadcast the OC and CC live on TV. Previously, news broke out that a Chinese soldier involved in a clash with Indian troops in disputed zone was made one of the games' torch-bearer. Source: The Hindu
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