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  1. When the facilities for winter sports are not available, they need to build it new. There's no other way to do it. Yet, several facilities from the summer games are also planned to be re-purposed for winter games so I don't think they throw money to build everything new just for the sake of it. However, as the second economy of the world with over 1.3 billion people, it's such a hard task to go under budget or being modest to address concern of some people. That's not how China wants to be perceived and people have no power to question or affect them on how much they would spend. If China real
  2. I know. China & other Asian countries have created the reputation of hosting the Olympics well. And China is certainly the best candidate when it comes to investing on infrastructures and venues. That's what an organization really loves when passing the hosting right to a country. Even without Olympics, they will keep spawning all sort of constructions here and there for all sort of purposes whether it seems reasonable or wasteful to many and they won't stop. One should remember hosting Olympics these days is not just about sports anymore. It's also about promoting host's image to the worl
  3. I'm not saying they should overspend. I just stated to you the fact that they tend to overspend and have no problem overspending whether it has something to do with Olympics or something else. It's not like they're going to care who will host the next Winter Games after them based on how much they would spend.
  4. They need to realize that their objective is no longer about a traditional China but a modern one. How they want people to perceive a modern China.... What's authentic and unique about their version of modernity that doesn't mix with modern Japan or Korea. What's the difference? How is it related or contributing to the world that people can relate to? We saw style and K-Pop in Korea. In Japan, probably a lot of anime and high tech stuff. But China, what does a modern China look like and why it matters or seems cool to people??? Zhang Yimou is all about doing things with precision, number,
  5. One thing you should know about China is that they don't care about how expensive. They're not under any obligation to save budget like Europe or other countries. If you spend too much in those countries, people will protest, and law, and regulations, all sort of things will happen to prevent overspending. In China, the government has ultimate power and they can spend however they want and many of their people are okay with that because they want to be proud about their country. The bottom line is they would spend any amount just to make sure the games is at its best. They built Terminal 3 of
  6. They will need to create a different voice for themselves that will emotionally engage the audience not just create catchy visuals to wow people anymore. We have seen a lot of spectacular things since 2008 and all other ceremonies. People dancing synchronously & forming something, light props, floor projection, all sort of fireworks, and even drones. Those things are so predicable already. How can a modern China be cool and unique when there's already a modern Korea and technologically advanced Japan. What will set them apart. This will be a much harder task than 2008. I hope that they wil
  7. The ceremony was great as expected. The handover is a bit disappointing though. The only thing I like is Chinese performers are better in term of precision and synchronization & that made their performance neat while Koreans are a bit loosen up. It feels like China tried too much to beat Japan or something but fell short because it has no pace or climax. During the performance, I was expecting some sort of unseen technology emerging that could wow the audience but nothing happened...lol Additionally, it doesn't have something that people around the world can easily associate with like
  8. Those sports are not popular there which is why we don't see much enthusiasm regardless free tickets or not. But I don't think we have the same problem with Beijing 2022 because people would attend at any costs lol
  9. I don't really know if you can read the words correctly but when did I tell you that the whole population of these Asian countries would definitely go for Winter Sports just because of one event itself? I said "hopefully". I just explained that it was the intention of IOC to bring more different kinds of sports to new regions whenever possible. Inspiration comes from the action of bringing sports to the region but if you're cherry picking about pointing all the negative aspects of the game then feel free to do it. You don't inspire sports in the place where it's already popular but a place whe
  10. None of my words go against you. I understand your reasoning. I just want to elaborate a bit more about it. I'm not talking anything about 2026 onward. I just explained the purpose and the reason of bringing it to PC and Bejiing. So I only discussed about 2018 and 2022 games. It has nothing to do with 2026 or future games to be honest.
  11. Isn't it the reason why those Sports are not popular there in the first place? The weather and the geography don't support it. That's why people don't play or care about it much. The idea here is not to make those countries immediately fall in love with Winter Sports or become Winter Sports powers like NA or Europe. The idea is to spread it to more country where it hasn't been practiced and well known before (regardless the reason) so that people there could be inspired by it especially younger generations so the goal is to introduce the Winter Sports and hopefully spark the interest about tho
  12. Yeah. I'm more into the openness. That's why I see thing a bit differently. Asian countries are not known for good athleticism or proactive lifestyle. Often time, that's really a western thing regardless winter or summer sports. Bringing more sports will promote healthier and more active lifestyle in the region which can help a lot for their people. Therefore, whenever I hear people wishing to keep something exclusively to themselves, it almost sounds like hey only westerners are cool and VIP, so only them should host cool and VIP sports where the rest of the world is not enough so they're not
  13. In this new age, it's very good and necessary to spread the love of sports (especially new kind of sports) to many new regions. Winter sports have been so restrictive in its nature but that doesn't mean people in certain areas shouldn't be hosting or promoting it. It's not going to take just one Olympics event to spark the interest with this kind of sports but it's a very good start to change such culture. I don't like the idea of keeping the games in certain regions all the times because they're more popular there than elsewhere and in the end the rest of the world will continue to perceive W
  14. Chinese director Zhang Yimou takes skills behind the camera to Olympics stage I heard he will be heading to South Korea in a few days to prepare for it. So excited. We have South Korea, Japan, China, then France, and USA. Gonna be epic.
  15. They have control on their technology and I believe if they had to go that way then it should be that way. That doesn't mean if they go live for it, it would fail 100% but the drone lighting technology is still in the early stage where tough and unpredictable weather could pose a risk and the Koreans would not take that risk as many things went wrong from past ceremonies. So we might see it live at Tokyo, Beijing, Paris, or LA when the tech is improved but still those cities don't exhibit the harsh weather like in Pyeong Chang so there won't be any excuse for them to not show it live in t
  16. For the accusation of empty seats: From Time's magazine : No, the Olympic Stadium Was Not Empty During the Opening Ceremony in PyeongChang For the lighting: If you rewatch the whole ceremony, you would see that the whole seats were illuminated mostly by the LED installation on each seat. There's no overhead lighting for the audience (because of no-roof) to create the lighting like the vibrant purple hue at London when they lighted their cauldron. If there's roof at Pyeong Chang, I believe the seats would be much better lit like in London but that's not the fault of producers but
  17. For what I know, Korean people are usually very energetic with this kind of event so it surprised me a little when the crowd was somewhat quiet. However, looking deeply into the situation, I can understand why. This is the open-air stadium with only 35,000 seats and they have to suffer the biting cold which is the coldest ever so it's really hard for them to be all cheery and energetic. I think it's the stadium and the weather playing the main part of this issue. When you look at Summer Games: Most of them have seats: from 60,000-80,000 so the crowd would be much louder plus it's Sum
  18. The Olympics Channel usually uploads the full ceremony on YouTube a few months after it ends due to the broadcast rights and restrictions from different places in the world. NBC has non-commentary version online now. However, it's only available in the US plus you need to have opened the online account from a cable TV provider with the package that has NBC Sports in order to login, verify and watch it... otherwise you will not be able to watch it or they will allow you to watch for 30 mins only. NBC version (Natural sound only/ No commentary/Full length/Uncut): http://stream.nbc
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