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  1. Far too early to be considering another olympics in Brazil in my opinion, a lot of the venues from Rio have been left abandoned since then. Not a great look.
  2. If it was a group of countries in that region that decided to bid, then maybe its workable, but apart from that, it just wouldnt work.
  3. Very unlikely we will see Russia hosting the olympics anytime soon.
  4. Shanghai would be a good host and would certainly be a big statement. However I dont see the games heading back to Asia, I see it going to Australia. 2036 will almost certainly be heading for Europe. I sense it being between Budapest, Spain or the UK possibly.
  5. Sorry, I missed out one sport, handball. Could be hosted at the ACC Liverpool with a possible capacity of 7,500
  6. After the IOC charter was changed a few days ago to allow muliple cities to bid, I would personally like to see Birmingham-Manchester-Liverpool-Nottingham all team up to host a future games. Possible Games Concept. NOTE: This is a purely fictional concept. Key E - Existing Venue T - Temporary Venue ER - Existing Venue Renovated Birmingham Based Venues Alexander Stadium - (temporary expansion to 50,000) - Opening/Closing Ceremonies, Athletics - ER Villa Park - 42,665 - Football - E Edgbaston Cricket Ground - 25,000 - Baseball/So
  7. I think the games in 2012 broke even.
  8. If London did bid for 2036 then the costs would be signficantly lower than in previous Olympics. London actually ended up only spending around £8.92billion for the 2012 games which is one of the lowest in recent years. The costs for Tokyo 2020 cost is already over £20billion.
  9. This is a good move by the IOC. Hopefully this should enable more bids in the future,
  10. I personally see the United Kingdom going for the 2036 Summer Olympics. Would be a great way to unite the country especially after Brexit aned could have wide ranging support. Given the IOCs openess to having muliple cities bidding for the
  11. England could also get the 2022 world cup still especially considering Qatar is having political issues with other nations.
  12. I think we could get Scotland and Wales involved in the world cup as well especially considering they have a lot of the stadiums and the training facilties required. I do think we could get stadiums like Murrayfield,Ibrox,Celtic Park,Millennium Stadium involved. I see england though however bidding solely.
  13. Some Very Interesting news coming out of The FA in England. Looks like the FA is going to be bidding for the 2030 world cup. We have also got the backing of Germany (The DFB) and even UEFA are keen as well. Here is the Daily Mirror and Sun Articles: http://www.mirror.co.uk/sport/football/news/england-set-bid-world-cup-11762276 https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/4901830/england-amazingly-backed-by-germany-in-world-cup-2030-bid/ Ideal Locations for Stadiums: Would Probably be 15 shortlisted 1. Wembley - London - 90,000 2. Old Trafford - Manchester - 75,
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