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  1. Well, maybe the closing ceremony will be better. "Worlds We Share" which is expected to cover themes of diversity & inclusion and a brighter future. Based on this (maybe), I do hope it would feature more Japanese history and pop culture. They may had make the opening ceremony intentionally boring(I'm too sure) but I do seriously hope the closing ceremony will be much superior.
  2. Miraitowa and Someity during the ceremony:
  3. I do seriously hope the closing ceremony will be better than the opening ceremony.
  4. I know this was way too early but I want to see in 10 years on how the 2020 Olympics should have been like a recreation. I know you may disagree with this but I want how the original plan of the ceremonies would work.
  5. I know this maybe an unpopular question but do you think the Japanese should recreate the Tokyo 2020 games for the 10th anniversary (with pre-pandemic original plans)?
  6. I already aware of that as I made a unpopular opinion.
  7. The opening ceremony is over, it's time to talk about some of the best and worst outfits.
  8. It's really meh but Japan can do it better next time if they wanted to host another Olympics.
  9. Everyone, please! Do not be harsh to each other. Let's talk about the uniforms instead. Look at Italy's.
  10. Miraitowa is really pissed off after he watched the ceremony.
  11. The good: 1. Naomi Osaka 2. Fireworks 3. Kabuki The bad: 1. Bach's confusing speech 2. Somberism of the ceremony 3. Lack of fans inside the stadium The so-so: 1. The uniforms
  12. As I mentioned, this makes me wonder if they save the stuff for the CC but we will see about that.
  13. I just wondering. All of the China stuff aside, remember the turtle in Pyeongchang that is rumored to be the opening ceremony? Well, turns out that the turtle was for the closing ceremony.
  14. Also, what's up with you and China? I agree that the ceremony was Nagano-like.
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