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  1. Do you think that Oceanian countries should participate in the 2026 Asian Games?
  2. But I don't think it will happen as these countries are very extremely close to Oceania than Asia. We can discuss this in the Asian Games thread.
  3. I wonder if Nagoya/Aichi would invite Australia and New Zealand just like what Turkmenistan did 4 years ago. There is a good chance that Australia and New Zealand may be part of the OCA but only time will tell.
  4. Others done that attempt before the IOC did: *Gymnasiade *International Children's Games *SELL Student Games *Universiade *World Interuniversity Games *Commonwealth Youth Games *CPLP Games
  5. Moving on...while I was looking other ceremonies, I founded this rare gem.
  6. Most petitions usually don't work but sometimes they do. I can understand why they made a petition on this. Most fans wanted a closing ceremony with a fun tone (as a means to cheer people up during these troubling times). They also wanted MIKIKO to come back for closing ceremony. I could image if MIKIKO's idea was used for the opening ceremony. You had to understand that there is still hope. I saw MIKIKO's idea and you know what, that describes Japan's global impact (which is one of themes for the closing ceremony). I know you are gonna to say MIKIKO might have her reputation ruined but her idea can go on without her and I know you are going to say that not going to happen. But, people acutally wanted a closing ceremony that tells more about Japanese culture and history. I understand why the organizers wanted a opening ceremony to be somber.
  7. There is even a petition to have MIKIKO's plan for the closing ceremony.
  8. I am not sure if the public used these venues right before the Olympics but I do hope so.
  9. The only good thing in the ceremonies are the traditional carpentry, drones, Olympic uniforms, fireworks, kabuki and the moment of silence.
  10. Yeah. I know everyone might said that this won't happen but I do hope MIKIKO's plan will be for the closing ceremony instead.
  11. I do hope the organizers and the IOC do not get death threats over the 2020 opening ceremony. Even if anyone disagrees with Bach, Bach is still human. It would be very disgraceful if Bach gets death threats, you know what happened to Rogge before the 2010 Olympics. No one should be threatened.
  12. That is same for every other country too. France, Italy, the United States and Australia had to beef up their security for the future Olympics. Back to Japan, at least, Tokyo 2020 is becoming the gender equality games too according to The Hill: https://thehill.com/changing-america/respect/equality/564548-tokyo-2020-becomes-most-gender-equal-olympics-in-history
  13. Based on this, the police are watching anyone who dares assassinate any political member proposes any events (either sporting events or non-sporting events such as the Expo).
  14. This is the reason why the police are trained very hard
  15. パレットちゃん、閉会式はオリジナルのコンセプトを使うべきだと思いますか?
  16. Look everyone, I know you are upset about the end result of the ceremony. I, too, was upset at this. You just have to suck it up.
  17. Look, I understand you are upset at the 2020 opening ceremony (I am too). As someone who doesn't like the end result of the ceremony, just suck it up.
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