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  1. Yes but the Tokyo 2020 shop was only ships within Japan.
  2. This will fit the opening ceremony. We will see in 3 years.
  3. I want to see homages to the founder of the IOC.
  4. Since the Beijing 2022 Olympics are coming, what would you predict for the Milan Cortina 2026 presentation during the 2022 Winter Olympics closing ceremony. I would say I predict a Silk Road-themed presentation
  5. We all know France is the birthplace of Baron de Coubertin, so maybe they are doing a homage to him.
  6. Maybe Paris 2024 wants to give us more like the French culture.
  7. Coincidence, I THINK NOT! https://aramajapan.com/news/plans-for-the-original-tokyo-2020-opening-ceremony-leak/112714/
  8. With the Paralympics are coming, its time we discuss the coverage of the Paralympic Games in Tokyo.
  9. With the Paralympics are coming, I decided I create this thread because the opening ceremony is this month.
  10. With the Olympics are underway, we are looking towards the Paralympics with the opening ceremony as a starter.
  11. We still got the Paralympics left
  12. So, keep an eye out on Woodkid's social media accounts.
  13. *Well On the happier side, Woodkid is having free concert...to prepare the "real" recovery games that is Paris 2024.
  14. We'll, I heard the segment will be dedicated to the Japanese who are killed by tragic events such as the Hiroshima bombings just like what London did 9 years ago with the 2005 bombings.
  15. Anyways. Mixup aside, I do think that dicussions about the 2026 Olympics should move to the Milan-Cortina 2026 fourm.
  16. I kept mixing up things, what's up with my mind. I need to start over again.
  17. This will be a f**king bad idea. Did you how much does the stadium cost?
  18. Woodkid is having a free concert during the handover.
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