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  1. I wonder they going to have a segment about the Chinese flag?
  2. I wonder if the temple sculpture will make an appearance at the closing ceremony.
  3. Do you know that Sumi Hwang's dress that a mixture of theTaepyeongmu dress and the Hwarot.
  4. I noticed that Sumi Hwang (the singer of the Olympic Hymn) wears a dress that a mixture of the Taepyeongmu dress and the Hwarot.
  5. Interesting about this is that red and white are traditional colours of Russia. Also, these colour schemes reminds me of the Soviet era.
  6. Soohorang with Hodori https://www.insidethegames.biz/media/image/93530/o/Hodori and Soohorang 20180114204925916_kyh_8145 - Copy.jpg
  7. Noriaki Kasai is the Japanese flagbearer
  8. We really don't know if it's true or not as there is no authenticity.
  9. Here are the guys that had recently selected by their respected countries: Canada: Tessa Virtue & Scott Moir Denmark: Elena Møller Rigas Eritrea: Shannon-Ogbani Abeda Kazakhstan: Abzal Azhgaliyev
  10. I know the Olympics does this tradition with the Greek anthem at their closing ceremonies to honor their birth place. But should the Paralympics same tradition with the British anthem?
  11. Any news on who's doing the Beijing 2022 handover?
  12. Since Russia is suspended, I don' know if they are going to wear the black or white version of these uniforms.
  13. I almost forgot one more example for the ceremony. Maybe the cauldron could be lit by a miniature rocket ship.
  14. I hope the opening and closing ceremony will feature Korean culture with a futuristic twist (for example, the pungmul dance will have lights on the futuristic costumes and the instruments). I hope for the Beijing presentation at the closing ceremony, it will feature all cameos of Chinese cartoon characters from domestic and foreign ones (like Black Cat Detective, Pleasant Goat, Trixie Tang, Kai-Lan, Lizbeth Zaragoza, etc.)
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