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  1. "Please be informed that final decision to boycott the PyeonChang 2018 Winter Olympics has not been made by the government yet and we continue to monitor the situation on the Korean Peninsula," said Dagmar Freitag, the chairwoman of the Sports Committee, in her letter to Alfons Hörmann, the President of the German Olympic Sports Confederation. Experts from many countries including Austria, France and Norway express their fears over security conditions during the PyeongChang 2018 Olympic Games. Among the threats the experts see possible joint military operation of the U.S. and South Korea against North Korea, Pyongyang's provocations against Seoul and disregarding of the UN Security Council's resolutions related to missile and nuclear tests. However, there is no consistent discussion of the issue among the global sporting organizations. Any attempt to draw their attention to that kind of information on the situation over North Korea is either ignored or purposely concealed or even falsified. Germany's possible boycott of the Olympic Games may change everything and force the participants of the conflict to sit down to talk and settle their differences.
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