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  1. Is anyone else confused by the "we are going to let her skate, but we aren't going to award any medals." I know that they want to get it right, but part of winning the gold is standing on top of the podium and hearing your anthem being played, as your flag rises, AT THE OLYMPICS! This whole, "we will make them feel important whenever they get their medals" is contrary to everything the Olympics stand for in my opinion. This whole thing is another example of Russia spitting in the face of the Olympics. They obviously didn't learn with the "country" suspension after so blatantly cheating in Sochi, and here they are at it again. If the Olympics want to stay relevant in today's world (which I really hope they do), they need to take swift action with Russia, and make it hurt. Ban them from hosting any type of international competition. Make the athletes compete for other countries, if we don't want to punish the athletes (not the ROC, that everyone knows is Russia). Remove any Russian members of the IOC. Make a long and arduous path for the ROC to earn their way back into the Olympic fold, only after years of demonstrating the mandated changes, with a continued supervision period. I do feel sorry for the coaches and athletes that have so much pressure put on them by their NOC and government, that they feel it necessary to dope, but they do have a choice. Cheating should never be an option, and as long as Putin and Russia keep getting away with it, it will never go away.
  2. This reminds me of the definition of insanity, keep doing the same thing over and over, expecting to get different results. Somehow, the Russians are able to do that! Why are they making decisions about her suspension? Why are they overseeing anything pertaining to their athlete's testing? You would think that of all the Russian athletes, they would be the most careful in the spotlighted sport of figure skating, but as mentioned before, they went to great extremes to win in 2002. It is sad to see someone that has such natural talent getting caught up in all of this. She will now be one of those athletes that will have an asterisk following her name. Here's an idea, maybe they need to start a new truce, that along with wars, countries won't cheat. One can dream.....
  3. I was really wanting to like the cauldron and the new "innovative and groundbreaking" approach. I was excited about the possibility of using light (similar to the pictures that were posted from the opening rehearsal). It is so underwhelming and there is very little that is new about this approach. For example, they have replicated the cauldron outside of the stadium (Vancouver 2010), they have used all the countries that are participating to make up the cauldron (London 2012), they have used snow or frozen water as the influence for the creation of the cauldron (Salt Lake 2002). There was more flame in the small cauldron that was on stage in the Medal's Plaza in SLC in 2002, than if both cauldron's in Beijing were lit. The only thing that I see as remotely new is that they have used very little flame in the cauldron. I don't see that as innovative, but more like a necessity due to the chronic pollution in Beijing. The director would have been better to have said nothing about the cauldron, as he was the one that hyped it so high, that when lit, it created an even bigger let down. There was a real awkward time period between when they slid the lit torch into the snowflake and when the announcer's said that the ceremony was over. I kept waiting for the snowflake to explode or light up on the outside or be raised to light something else. I think everyone was waiting, with baited breath, for the actual lighting to take place, only to realize that it had passed. Another epic cauldron fail that I can't believe that the IOC signed off on when it was presented!
  4. I saw this posted on Facebook from the dress rehearsal. It checks several boxes of what has been promised. Thoughts?
  5. I can also help if needed. I can do the Istanbul grids now if wanted. I'll stand by and wait to help, just let me know.
  6. Istanbul 2036 A mosaic is a picture or pattern produced by arranging together small colored pieces of hard material, such as stone, tile, or glass. This pertains to the 2036 Olympics, as the idea of "Mosaic" is central to the Games plan. First, It refers to the people. Turkey is a country of many ethnicities, religions, classes, and even continents. All have come together, in harmony, to become a vivid land full of diversity, that are ready to enthusiastically host the 2036 Games. Second, it refers to the logo. The logo is reminiscent of a design that one might see on a Turkish Mosaic Lamp hanging in the many bazaars throughout Turkey. They are hand crafted and the skill has been passed down, generation to generation, for hundreds of years. These lamps, when illuminated, cast a diversity of colors throughout an area, inviting all around. Third, it refers to the theme. Istanbul 2036's theme of "Illuminate the World" is in reference to these vivid lamps. The Turkish people stand ready to welcome the athletes, coaches, officials and visitors to the 2036 Olympic Games, and through this experience, help them illuminate the future.
  7. Glasgow 2034 This logo is based on several landmarks in Glasgow, but beyond the literal, they suggest important aspects of the city and people of Glasgow. The shape of the Riverside Museum suggests the many wonderful peaks and slopes in the Grampian Mountain Range that will be host the snow events during the Olympics. The Cyde Arc, that will welcome many visitors during the Games, is placed behind the museum outline to symbolize the sun rising over the "Dear Green Place" that is Glasgow. Glasgow 2034, highlighted by their slogan, "Find Your Green", recognizes the importance of their stewardship of the amazing parks and vast land around them. They have pledged to be the Greenest Games to date, setting the standard for future Games. They plan to use the athletes as ambassadors in their home countries, and with the help of a legacy funds, plan to support green initiatives to create "Dear Green Places" throughout the world.
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