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  1. London is actually one of the few cities from the Olympics in the modern era that has learnt from sustainability, the Olympic Stadium is now used for concerts and just recently hosted the world athletics championships, The Aquatics centre has recently hosted diving and is open to the public, The Copper Box Arena is now used for Basketball and other events like Boxing the list goes on. But with costs becoming more expensive and very few cities being no longer able to bid alone without significant costs, Dont be surprised if London were to go for it.
  2. I think having the opening and closing ceremonies at Wembley could be a good option especially because the London Stadium will likely be used for West Ham matches as soon as the four week window is up. I think involving Birmingham could bridge over the North-South Divide especially. I think having All of the Football In London would be the best option especially due to the size of the stadiums being built in the city. The stoop in terms of the rugby 7s would be more viable, the last thing I would like to see is some 40,000-50,000 empty seats at Twickenham I also think Birmi
  3. I have heard that Manchester may be interested in bidding for the European Games in 2023. if it does go to Manchester in 2023 it would be 21 years since the 2002 Commonwealth Games. I certainly hope it is true.
  4. It was only an idea of mine, I know its very unlikely to happen but could be possible in the future due to the reforms to the IOC.
  5. I would love to see a Joint Summer Olympic Bid from London and Birmingham for the 2032 Summer Olympics. My Idea is below Concept The Two cities would jointly host events in existing venues with some venues adding temporary seating in order to keep costs down for the organisers. London Venues. Olympic Stadium (London) - 66,000 - Athletics, Opening and Closing Ceremonies London Aquatics Centre- 2,500 (Increase to 17,500) - Swimming and Diving Events Lee Valley VeloPark (Velodrome) - 6,750 Lee Valley VeloPark (BMX Track) - 6,000 (temporary seats) A Tempo
  6. Glencoe Ski Area has a vertical of over 800m which is a minimum FIS requirement for the Men’s downhill. That could be a possible location for all of the snow events and its only 50 miles away from Edinburgh so its links well with a city, of course other facilties have to be built as well like temporary stands for spectators and hotels as well. I think it could be possible but a lot of money would be needed to improve faculties to minimum standards.
  7. I have always been keen to see London host a winter olympics bid so here is my idea. There would be two Zones, London Zone and Mountain Zone which would host the snow events London Zone Wembley Stadium - 90,000 - Opening and Closing Ceremonies Wembley Arena - 7,000 - Ice Hockey Mens and Womens Competitions ExCel A - 6,000 - Figure Skating, Short Track Speed Skating, ExCel B- 6,000 - Curling Olympic Village- Crystal Palace National Sports Centre - Capacity 3,000-5,000 beds that could become homes after the Olympics and Paralympics. Mountain Zone
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