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  1. I should note that Olympic Media by Andy Billings focused on the 1996-2006 Games. Olympic Television is in many ways a continuation as it builds off of the research in Olympic Media, to provide 20 years worth of longitudinal data from 1996-2016.
  2. Durban, thanks for the warm welcome! Television in the Olympics is a good one. Olympic Media: Inside the Biggest Show on Television, was written by Andy Billings, who is one of the co-authors of our Olympic Television book. Selling the Five Rings has some good behind the scenes television content, largely built off of Stephen Wenn's dissertation and other research (he's done a ton). Douglas Battema's dissertation has some good information as well. Looking forward to participating in the forum!!!
  3. If may be so bold, I would also recommend Olympic Television: Broadcasting The Biggest Show on Earth, written by Andy Billings, James Angelini and me. The book features findings from 20 years of U.S Olympic television content analysis, an overview of Olympic television history, interviews with NBC personnel, an examination of how nationalism drives Olympic viewing, and more. More information available on our Website.
  4. I would recommend Selling the Five Rings: The IOC and the Rise of the Olympic Commercialism by Barney, Wenn and Martyn. Amazon Link
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