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  1. I remember this commercial! It was a month-long topic at the local shop when that commercial was released. One guy who's there for installation of a new set of tires and forged wheels for his truck mentioned her wife wanting to have a Mini for their next purchase.
  2. NBC surely got a busy schedule with other major sporting events. They should give more good updates, highlights, broadcasts, and recaps of important event s of the Olympics.
  3. Just heard of that high theft incident by the natives. That reminds me of one old guy's truck we installed a new set of nerf bars to help his wife with some sort of arthritis. A crook tried to steal the nerfs thinking they are very expensive.
  4. Good to see a car thread there. I'll be acquiring a Honda Civic soon.
  5. Yeah, it will take a while to finish watching this 100years Olympic collection.
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