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  1. https://www.insidethegames.biz/articles/1113610/b2022-domestic-spectators As we countdown to Beijing 2022, I thought it would be great to provide updates. The organisers have just allowed domestic spectators in all of the venues. This means that we will be able to see people in the stadium for the Ceremonies. This also reminds me of what the Dutch did for the Eurovision 2021 shows instead spectators had to have a negative covid test before they could enter the arena. What good news!
  2. Owarimashita! 終わりました! It has finished! The ceremonies of the Paralympics were better than the Olympics but I think all of the ceremonies were just as perfect as the other. What a happy and moving end to Tokyo 2020. I did shed a tear though. We will always be grateful to what Tokyo and Japan has done for the world throughout the past 8 years. Arigato Tokyo, Arigato Nihon! またね! Mata ne! See you again! Bring on Beijing 2022!
  3. I agree. Did anyone notice a blade as one of the legs for the Eiffel Tower. Tony estanguet reminding me of that Mariah Carey video where she in Paris. And the flame just turned purple.
  4. Crazy segment. Loved it. Very Harajuku-like. Now for the Paris 2024 handover
  5. The voice actor's voice is epic. A bit like something from an anime series.
  6. They're getting the athletes to place circle mirrors onto the skytree.
  7. That first segment was so colourful. I loved the led lights and the fashion. Reaffirms my love for Japanese culture.
  8. Tokyo 2020 You shall be honoured as the games that never gave up! Tokyo and Japan shall forever be grateful Arigato soshite Sayonara! 2022 Běijīng jiàn A bientôt à Paris 2024
  9. They could also get Il Volo to showcase Italian Classical Opera. They finished 3rd in Eurovision back in 2015. If they want to go for a contemporary fun vibe they could get Francesco Gabbani who finished 6th at Eurovision in 2017.
  10. OMG Yes! Måneskin! My favourites. Seems possible
  11. That sounded cute. Do you have a video or a voice memo of you doing the accent?
  12. Also just to add on to my point. I should be happy that at least we had a Tokyo Olympics rather than cancelling it altogether.
  13. The IOC could give Japan or, in this case, Tokyo the chance to host again at the next available Olympic year for free (no costs at all). I know that sounds farfetched and almost impossible but they could give it a try.
  14. I think you are right and I will need to let go of it. It's just that I'm so aggravated that Mikiko's plans didn't come to fruition and that we won't be able to see such a wonderful and extravagant show that Japan was set to put on. I just loved the style and the presence of anime and contemporary Japanese culture. I guess I'll hope and pray that Japan will get to host again and put on something similar to what Mikiko designed.
  15. NOOOOO!!!!!!! Just found out about this! So sad he passed away. He was my favourite president of the IOC. He made the Olympics better than what it was. May he rest in peace. I would like to express my condolences to the family and friends of Jacques Rogge.
  16. Looks like Wally and Mikiko have similar tastes. I may sound stubborn but I really hope the petition gets to 100 and a recreation of Mikiko's plans actually comes to fruition as a future festival (maybe a 1 year anniversary of the Tokyo Olympics).
  17. I wonder who came up with the trend of having the Paralympic Ceremonies happier than the Olympic Ceremonies?
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