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  1. BTHarner : Where it says 'reduce money going in to IOC', basically means to prevent candidate hosts bribing members for votes during the bidding process. If the games are in a permanent venue then this won't be a problem anymore. The permanent location would have all the things that are required for a regular Olympic games, including media centres and athletes village. It could be used for events other than the Olympic games. Rephrasing "Each NOC will pay a nominal fee for the construction and maintenance of these facilities, the amount flexible depending on each NOC’s annual in
  2. As part of a project I had to do recently, I looked into the summer olympic games and had to identify areas where it could be improved and made easier to host. I ended up compiling these findings into a full report (even though I didn't have to - I know, I get obsessed) which I thought would be worth sharing to see if there's any agreement. Please find the whole text below. Any comments welcome. It doesn't really matter, this isn't official, just interested to see if anyone agrees and if all that work I did was worth anything. PROPOSALS FOR THE SUMMER OLYMPIC GAMES
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