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  1. Hi There, When I was a young kid many many years ago, I was gifted a pin from the Egyptian Olympic Shooting Team. The pin came with an Olympic Games Egypt postcard and in it was a message from one of the Egyptian Shooting team competitors. This was the 2000 Olympic games - I was only 7 years old at the time. I've kept the pin ever since and have attached a photo for you to see. Please see below. I'm not selling this item, just more curious about the value off it as I've tried researching this pin but cannot find it anywhere in memorabilia stores or even online. I have found somewhat similar pins but nothing like this one. I am very curious about the value and rarity of this piece of memoribillia from these games and this team and would appreciate any help or guidance. Thank you! http://oi64.tinypic.com/98hv0i.jpg
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