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  1. If it’s projected to make a profit, that wouldn’t change with this revised budget. The revised budget is almost specifically based on inflation through time, not substantive changes to the budget. Inflation doesn’t just effect expenditure, it effects revenue as well (ticket costs in 2016 vs 2028). In other words, nothing really changed except we’re trying to project ourselves into what things will cost in 2028 (using 2028 dollars vs 2016). In layman’s terms, Americans weren't saving any more money back in 2009 because a burger was $1 less then than now in 2019.
  2. Here’s the survey. I suggest you go through a few of the questions, which are pretty eye opening. You’ll see almost every single question is baited with a lead-in of fear tactics about the Olympics(even subtly invoking the threat of ICE in largely immigrant LA). If they didn’t get the poll to respond the way they wanted, I’d have been more surprised. https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/nolympicsLA
  3. Can’t get passed the subscriber block on the article, but why would banks foot the bill? They provide the loans but someone has to pay them back.
  4. https://www.curbed.com/2018/5/17/17359086/olympics-2028-los-angeles-1984 Lessons From The 84 Games
  5. It would tack on an extra 350,000 space to the convention center and add a 40 story hotel with 850 rooms next door. AEG (who owns Staples Center) hopes to finish by 2021 if the city approves this. No mention of the Olympics, but this has to be an enticing proposition as the city plans for it.
  6. http://www.latimes.com/local/lanow/la-me-ln-clippers-donation-20180402-story.html One down for 2028. Stadium is open and first game has officially been played by LAFC vs Seattle. There’s a gallery of the game and the stadium in the link. This part of town, by luck, is primed to become a centerpiece for the Olympics. At least two more milestones will happen in these parts that should keep visitors with a packed schedule of activities. Expansion of the Science Center to properly house Endeavor Space Shuttle and the Lucas Museum, which broke ground this month.
  7. They already have, and really swiftly. But Musk has written off flying cars as being too dangerous, thus his focus on hyperloop. Even Musk has limits.
  8. I think you’re asking too much from a team on it’s first day. A fanbase has to be grown, and a reputation has to be built. You’re not entitled to have a ready-made fanbase just because LA has a lot of people. It’s like reviewing a restaurant on opening night. There needs to be some time to pass before getting a proper idea.
  9. https://techcrunch.com/2017/09/07/blizzard-arena-los-angeles/ Los Angeles will be ready for the e-Games.
  10. I always imagined that the pastel-y color scheme of LA was to mimic what Ancient Greece might have looked like in their day....or it was just the 80s.
  11. You misread my last sentence. I think it was clear that I was referring to those as cultural/contemporary elements and making a clear distinction between that and historical elements. Also, the noir-ish elements of LA aren’t the literal race riots, rape murders that I’m thinking about when I said "noir-ish", but things like oil-rush, Mulholland’s aquaduct, and grit/glamour visuals, that sort of thing, that evolved LA at turn of the century. But LA history is already the lense of American history if they use the points, say for example, native American city origins, multicultural immi
  12. If the OC has the cowboys, pilgrims, Lincoln, and Washington, I can’t see it being good. Like Ejaycat pointed, Yankee history has been done to death. Sure, it’s relevent, but it’s going to feel like sitting in a high school history lesson. They won’t struggle to find local LA history material that’s interesting. There are a lot of almost cinematic, noirish curiosities in LA's local history. The challenge is going to be editing things out rather than including things in. They only have about an hour (?) total of performance time to touch on everything. And I think the cultural elements ar
  13. There are a number of Hollywood film musical sequences they could use. Anything by Disney or with Gene Kelley, Gentlemen prefer Blondes, Wizard of Oz...etc. LaLaLand could work in a medley sequence ith any of those . But the Hollywood aspect shouldn’t be a strong focus. I also hope the OC is specifically an LA story and not a USA story. It’s just more interesting because few people know much about LA’s history. Everyone knows American history.
  14. I always imagined that the pastel-y color scheme of LA was to mimic what Ancient Greece might have looked like in their day....or it was just the 80s.
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