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  1. Thank you Sir Rols That's really helpful. I have seen the Race for 2012 book is still available here in the UK. I'll see if I can track the other ones down. Best Regards
  2. Hello All I am currently researching the history of Olympic bidding as part of a professional development project (I am a proposal writer and manager) and I'm really looking to see how the panel make decisions between cities. Does anyone know if there is a published history of the bidding process or an academic paper? Thank you Peter
  3. Thanks for the advice Baron. I'll look into it further.
  4. Thanks for the collection. It's really useful. I'm researching sport bids at the moment at the ability to look through all these really help. Cheers
  5. Hello all Does anyone have any advice on how to get into working on Olympic or Event Bids? I have been a proposal writer/manager for 8 years now and have it as a long-term career goal to work on the production of event bids. In particular, I'm interested in any insight on:- - Who gets hired to produce the event bids? Would it be directly for the Commission of the bidding city or do they usually hire an outside firm? - How far in advance of the final bid would the production staff be hired Thank you Peter
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