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  1. Since we are a month away from Euro 2020, here is a article about the cities that have been replaced https://www.uefa.com/insideuefa/mediaservices/mediareleases/news/0268-11fff5dff16f-4cf8e9e33935-1000--eight-euro-hosts-confirm-spectators/ UEFA's mistake is coming back to haunt them. This continent wide tournament was a big money when they know it should have been held in one country period.
  2. How about Rikako Ikee? She just qualified for the games, 2 years after being diagnosed with leukemia. I don't know who would be a better choice to light the cauldron? https://www.cbsnews.com/news/rikako-ikee-tokyo-olympics-japanese-swimmer-leukemia/
  3. Here is something I found about how the opening ceremony could possibly play out https://aramajapan.com/news/plans-for-the-original-tokyo-2020-opening-ceremony-leak/112714/
  4. London or possibly Athens I can see hosting in 2036
  5. Now, that international spectators have been banned from Japan I think that NBC is going to broadcast the games and have the daytime, primetime, and late night shows from their studios in Connecticut.
  6. My sentiments exactly FINALLY!!!!
  7. I think that this torch is very simplified and futuristic https://www.olympic.org/news/beijing-2022-reveals-olympic-torch
  8. I've been saying that the IOC might do another double allocation just like they did for Paris and LA but it's very likely Salt Lake is going for 2034
  9. with this new change to the parade I wonder if NBC will finally broadcast the ceremonies live or they broadcast it live NBCSN and do a primetime replay on NBC just like the Canadians do on CBC
  10. Do you have Atlanta, Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, Torino, Beijing, Vancouver if you do let's talk
  11. I have the ceremonies from Barcelona, Atlanta, Sydney, Salt Lake, Athens, Beijing, London, Rio
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