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  1. Hello all, I thought I'd reach out to see if anyone else going to the games has better info on the Lunar New Year issues with Korail. I have had absolutely no issues reserving rail tickets until right now. They are not allowing anyone to reserve tickets with the Pyeongchang Rail Pass online from Feb 14-18 for the national holiday. They say it will be announced 'later'. I've tried Skyping their customer service several times and there is a severe language barrier. They say you could book tickets at a travel counter by 'asking a friend in Korea' or online. But every time I ask about that I get something different. Once they said that you can use the pass online....and then no it will be all in Korean for Koreans only....and I can't get anyone to tell me if I have to pay extra for this time period or just use the pass. It is getting me no where. I'm worried I will not get to events due to the sheer volume of travelers during a national holiday. Has anyone going found more solid info about this? Many thanks from a concerned fellow traveler. 

  2. I just got back from a two week trip to Japan. Tokyo 2020 is everywhere! I had seen the logos upon departing the airport, in the harbor area of the Odaiba, outside the 1964 Olympic venues, as well as a countdown that was scrolling on the side of the famous Asahi Brewing Company building. There is a store selling official merchandise in Narita airport. I snagged a hand towel, pin, and keychain. Very reasonably priced I might add. I also saw a Tokyo 2020 sign in the Kyoto train station. It was very exciting to see the country embracing the games. I can't wait to return for 2020!

    (if someone can tell me how the attachments work ie: how to add them to my account- I might be able to put up a few photos I have)

  3. Hello everyone, I've been locked out of my old Gamesbid account so I had to start over with a new name. And thank you in advance to anyone who has suggestions.

    As we have feared, getting accommodations are extremely difficult for these games. Travel sites have just now opened the dates for the games and there are so few hotels and most say they are already sold out. I've looked at Airbnb and few places are actually close to the two clusters and some are charging thousands a night. I've tried to use Google Maps to no avail- there is little public transportation that comes up.

    In the transportation thread it was stated that the train to and from Seoul would be $45 USD and there is just no financial way that's a good idea for staying in Seoul the whole time. Has ANYONE been able to get accommodations? If so how did you find them?

    Side note: I know there are at least 4 new hotels to be built but I can't even find their names to look into booking. Has anyone seen info about this as well?

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