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  1. I feel you. Plus if done correctly, it could help improve infrastructure, tourism, and put that given city on a higher pedestal when it comes to international presence. Could even prep a city for a future Olympic Games. LA is nice and all, but I wish another city could get the spotlight for a little. If Atlanta hadn't hosted 1996, there's no doubt in my mind that the city would be much different than it is today.
  2. Oh I understand, I'm on other forum websites and there is always a stipulation with newbies. I've read some of the thread an you also have great ideas. There are no bad vibes whatsoever!
  3. Wrath? I wouldn't call it that. I mean, I was tired of bringing up my Olympics Bid arguments with friends and family and getting a simple "yeah, okay" in order to shut me up, so I joined this forum so I can talk to like-minded individuals and actually have counterarguments presented to me. This way, I can strengthen my own point of view, while also learning new facts about other views from counterarguments and counterpoints. Granted, it was a little rough, but I needed to learn the ropes of the forum and how to properly craft an argument on here at some point, better to learn it when I first started!
  4. If the IOC does decide to grant host to both 2024 and 2028 simultaneously, with the loser of 2024 getting 2028, I can see Paris for 2024 and Los Angeles for 2028. If Paris's bid is so contingent on this land that will not be available for 2028, and LA has 98% of the venues and could basically host whenever on a low cost basis, I think Paris will likely be chosen. Also, in 2028 there is no way that the current US administration will be in office, but in 2024, they could be just finishing their second term, if re-elected. The US administration and political situation has already been a hurdle for the US, and we haven't cleared a full month yet. LA really needs to be getting the support from the international community and IOC voters at this time, and I don't know how well they can do if our administration is forcing travel bans to/from countries that would definitely make an appearance at the Olympics. So, I think Paris will win 2024, with LA taking 2028. It just seems more likely given the circumstances, and LA's flexibility.
  5. I would back Calgary in a 2026 Winter bid. I know the IOC and athletes wants to return to the small, remote village style of previous Games, but with the amount of growth that the Winter Olympics has received over the years in publicity, I just don't see it happening, unless the 50,000+ stadium is temporary. Sion probably has a good chance, so does Stockholm, but I would personally back Calgary. The success of Vancouver 2010 was certainly noted by the IOC. If Summer 2028 is not awarded to the loser of the LA/Paris 2024 battle, then I am not sure who I would root for. If LA were to be offered 2028 and not take it, and another US bid were to arise, I am not sure how I would feel. I feel if the US tries again for a summer games (all predicated upon LA not getting 2024), it should be an Atlanta kind of movement, where the plan is based on the renewal of professional and collegiate facilities for the new venues, in a city that is trying to be put on the world map. Cities like San Francisco, Philadelphia, Washington DC, Boston, Miami, Chicago, Dallas and Houston could have the potential. I would back any of these, as long as they had good economic and post-Games plans and could continue the positive legacy that Paris (Not LA because there would be a 2028 bid if LA has 2024) would definitely leave. With that, if it is not a battle over a US bid, I would certainly want to back Buenos Aires (depending on how they do with the Youth Games next year and their PanAm bid for 2023), Milan, Berlin, or Toronto. If Paris has 2024, I do not see Milan or Berlin getting a chance. But if LA has 2024, then I don't see Toronto or any other US option with a chance. Now, this is all predicated on the idea that Bach and the IOC won't make one of the three host city candidates of 2024 the host city of 2028 in September during voting. If that happens, then we just have 2026 to discuss the predictions of, but we'll know more in September.
  6. It is not ultimately doomed yet, but I think things are just working so well with LA's and Paris's bids that it may not progress very far when voting comes in September.
  7. Again, I've been here for 5 minutes. The Paris-favored arguments are coming
  8. Lol, I will say, I LOVE the closeness of Paris's plans and the metro system is surely going to help many tourists get around, I read that no matter where you are within city limits, there is a metro station within 400 meters. That is a HUGE advantage LA doesn't have.
  9. Again I say, I support both bids. I was just bringing up a point that I thought would be somewhat relevant to LA's bid, but I guess the horse has been beat long before I got here. Didn't really know that that kind of statement was "argument" (Quaker2001's words) quality, but I'm new here, so of course I haven't learned too much about the ropes yet. I never once tried downgrading Paris either, as it is a wonderful city that I cannot wait to visit this summer. #Paris2024. #LA2024. Happy?
  10. It's not that France is not reliable. I definitely feel that Paris and France as a whole could put on a successful Olympics that would bring a very positive light to future host cities worldwide. It's just that Los Angeles has hosted the Olympics within the last 50 years, something that Paris cannot say that it has done, and likely has the natural edge of support from the IOC solely because of it. With the recent happenings, that edge could be relevant when choosing a host city for 2024. The intention of my original post was to point this out, not to attack or degrade Paris or France as a whole.
  11. Most certainly did not mean to compare it to Rio 2016. If you read my post, I mentioned Rio in the sense that it was a "new model" for the IOC. I was getting at the fact that recent "new model" attempts on how to show other cities worldwide that they too can support an OG haven't ended so well. Paris had nothing to do with this, as Paris isn't really a "new model". It's conditioned to sporting events, has the necessary travel and tourist facilities, and an economy that could not only an Olympics but a post-Games legacy. I never equated France to a third world country. If you fully read my post, you would've seen this And another observation: You are most likely to find LA-supporting bids from "La Camp" under the LA forum...
  12. I did not know this, thank you for the info! What is the plan for the area if the games are awarded to Paris? Will they demolish the village?
  13. Sochi and Rio both offered a new model. Sochi was the first WOG to have a whole Olympic Park built specifically for the Games, and was attracted to the IOC using the large amount of otherwise vacant off-season hotel rooms in the sunny summer beach town, as well as Russia's seemingly endless checkbook. While the Games were pretty to look at from the outside, they ended up being the most expensive in history, caused a huge human rights issue, displacement of locals, and those beautiful venues have been used little since. Sochi 2014 was also the main reason for many cities dropping out of the 2022 race, causing China, another country with human rights and economic issues, to win. Rio was the first Games in South America and was chosen on its good economic standing and its growth potential, just like Beijing was, but unlike Beijing, suffered an uncontrollable economic and political crash, causing venues to be finished within days of the start, sailors sailing in literal human waste, crime, very cheap tickets, negative world exposure, and of course, white elephants. Please don't get me wrong, I support both LA 2024 and Paris 2024. I think both bids have potential and could really turn around the ill-fated ways of some recent Olympic host cities. I just feel that in Rio's wake, the IOC will feel that the safest option is to choose the city that is conditioned to these types of events, has the venues ready, or a majority ready with plans for them afterwards, in a country that has continuously placed high in the Games and is guaranteed to have a lot of attendance. I would love to see the Games in either LA or Paris, but again, on the topic of wanting a "new model", I think the IOC has seen enough of that in recent years and may lean on LA solely for the reliance.
  14. I understand. Quite sad actually, I think the PAG movement in the US could definitely draw more interest within the country. Maybe once our administration changes or if LA 2024 fails could the possibility arise. I think cities like Philadelphia, San Diego, Baltimore, Washington DC, San Francisco, New Orleans and Seattle would be prime candidates. Not too large of cities, but they are definitely cities that could host a possible Olympic Games in the future if the amount of venues and international recognition is there. I highly doubt another Atlanta 1996 will ever be pulled again by choosing the non-world recognized underdog, especially considering the amount of cities worldwide that want to host the Olympics nowadays, but a PAM in the USA could up the possibility of a different US city hosting the Olympics.
  15. Has the Paris Olympic Committee said anything about not pursuing a 2028 bid if they are to lose? I know the California Olympic Committee released a statement that they would not be interested in a 2028 bid, that all of their attention would go to 2024. While somewhat insignificant in the grand perspective, I think that the IOC may look this over when voting on a host city. Los Angeles is one of the best cities in the world for sport, so a lasting effect of venues is much more guaranteed in Los Angeles than in Paris, making profitability more likely. But if for some reason the political situation of the US or another factor would impede, causing Paris to win, then the IOC is missing out on the one bid that could really drive out the nail that has been hammered deep into the Olympic Host City Coffin, done mostly by Beijing, Sochi, and Rio. I think LA has more of a shot just due to the nature of its bid, and the (possible) economic success of it would help the host city movement as a whole, and could hopefully put cities worldwide back on the host city bid list.
  16. Thank you so much, that helped a lot! I see that the USA hasn't hosted a PAG since 1987 in Indianapolis, so I was trying to think of whether or not any US cities could host them within the upcoming years.
  17. I imagine that it probably something similar to that of what is required for the regular Summer Olympics, but scaled down in capacity. I'm just wondering if there are any specifics as to what a city must have/build, must budget, and must promise in order to formulate a successful bid.
  18. Just curious as to what the requirements are in order to have a legitimate bid for the Games. Thanks to anyone who can help!
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