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  1. Great change. Three huge television markets all the through the end. Not sure where the USA and France would've been if it had stuck with the Japanese alphabet but this is a change I can get behind. Hopefully it follows through to Beijing as well, with Italy before China at the end.
  2. Yes. I will be staying with some family friends in Yokohama while I'm in Japan, and they are huge gymnastics fans, and they are struggling to get some tickets. I invited them into the Facebook group so hopefully they can find some there and something works out.
  3. I am one of those fans itching to see the USWNT! Been a lifetime supporter. I currently have one women's football ticket in Yokohama, which is where I will be staying for the Olympics, but I'm looking to buy more. I will keep any ticket that has the USWNT attached to it, but I would also like to see teams like Japan, the Netherlands or England depending on who they're playing. Football has been harder for me to come across, especially the lower-tier seats, so I think you're right in that regard. Lots of locals and tourists are grabbing football tickets as overflow tickets, just to make sure they get to see something. I feel you there though. I would kill for a women's gymnastics ticket but that would burn through my budget. I would also want to see men's basketball, because after the US's embarrassment without the NBA stars when every other country had theirs, it's clear that the game is getting tougher, so I would like to see the American men work a bit for a win. I'm also a big volleyball fan, got two tickets already. The aquatics venue does look fabulous though, and I'm glad you were able to secure something in it! Not sure what country you're from but hopefully you even get to see your own country.
  4. Funny you bring this up, considering it was Australia who just granted their women's team equal pay, not their men's team. And while many on the USWNT do enjoy and thrive off of the attention they receive, they most certainly earn their platform. It's not like they get loads of attention for walking away with nothing .... they've won half of all women's world cups ever. Come in 2nd or 3rd at the other half. If I knew I was a part of a dynasty like that, hell I would be loud too. Further, in terms of attendance in France, it should be noted that particular countries filled the stadium each and every time they played. The USA (who actually had more people at its group game in the Parc Des Princes vs Chile than the French did on their opening night), The Netherlands, Japan and Brazil packed all of, or nearly every, stadium they played in, and all of these teams have qualified for the Olympics (not USA yet, but cmon). You can guarantee that these large fanbases will show up and support their teams. While the attendance will certainly be low at some games, especially considering many games will not be in Tokyo, I wouldn't rule out the growth of women's football worldwide. This women's World Cup was viewed by over 1 billion people, and many traditional soccer nations like Spain, Argentina and Italy have begun to invest a hefty sum of money into the game and their domestic leagues, and they are seeing growth in its following. I would not be surprised if the average attendance is higher in Paris 2024 than this past World Cup, because by then, the women's game will continue to grow. With ticket prices, also consider that certain teams that are known to have large fanbases, like the aforementioned ones, did not see tickets that low. The USA's cheapest group stage game started at around $45, and it just went up more and more. We aren't even at playoffs yet, which you had to buy without knowing the teams, but once the USA was released as the opponent, ticket prices went into the three digits. So, it goes to show that if certain teams were able to pack a stadium with heightened prices, they'll likely do it again for the same team a year later. Many of the $10 games featured teams like Jamaica, New Zealand, Cameroon, etc. But, if I am wrong come the summer, you can personally come back and tell me, but I expect to see walls of orange and flying USA flags all about women's soccer venues in Tokyo.
  5. That's what I keep saying. Wish it was bigger, especially now after seeing the demand in Japan be so high, but I'm glad for the new stadium which will enhance the ceremonies and experience. The old stadium or the one in Yokohama would've held Japan back technologically, which is where we all want them to thrive because that's what they're known for. Regardless, I'm still very excited for the ceremonies.
  6. Welcome to Gamesbids, love your positivity! To be fair, the women's tournament has no restrictions, The same USWNT that just won the World Cup, as well as Lionesses, Dutch women, and Swedish women that had a shot, will go at it again (minus 5 players given the decrease in roster space). The Olympic tournament can be just as exciting as the WWC, because the matches are very tight from the beginning, given that there are only 12 teams. Further, given that it's in Japan, a country that loves their women's team, any game against Japan will have an insane atmosphere. As for the men, it can be a good view into the future. I know countries like Italy, the USA (if they qualify), Romania, Egypt, etc will be excited to see the future state of their teams, given that their current teams have been disappointments. I know as an American, the U23 roster we could produce would include all of the "stars" we talk about in the American soccer community (Pulisic, McKennie, Adams, Weah, Soto, etc), so should the USA qualify, I know it would be highly anticipated. Obviously a country like France is not going to care all too much about the state of their U23, because their senior team just won the World Cup and have a good shot at Euros right before the Olympics.
  7. I am very excited for Tokyo 2020! Not only will this be my first-ever Olympics, it will be my first time to Japan, so I have a lot to be excited for. I am going to be staying at a family friend's house in Yokohama, so I'm happy to have her help me navigate the area, and enjoy local Japanese culture. I am going to Japan alone, and I'm pretty young, so I'm hoping to meet others in my situation and maybe make some lifelong friends to travel to the Games with for a while. I think that's what I'm most excited for: the Fan Zones and opportunities to meet new people. Question, what is typical of Olympic Fan Zone culture? Is there usually something like pin trading to help bring people together? How are the locations of the zones distributed? I'm hoping to meet people from both the US but also many other countries, so I'm hoping they're diverse and it's easy to communicate. Also hoping for a women's football ticket, but I'll take what I can get
  8. What about Paris? Paris bid for 2008 and 2012, plus 2024 obviously ... Paris was bound to host an Olympics sometime between 2008-2030. Further, an Olympics in London was also inevitable IMO ... having gone since 1948 without an Olympic Games and 1966 since a FIFA World Cup ... the Brits were craving hosting rights to an event, especially as their empire and colonial rule started to die down and they would want to prove themselves to the world. London and Paris were almost sure to host before 2030, I don't think an argument without at least one, but either of them, has much substance.
  9. I booked mine a month ago. I paid $590 with a student discount, so it would've been like $650-$680 if I didn't have that. Happy I booked when I did!
  10. I am trying JAL for Tokyo! I am very excited to be trying it as well. I usually do look for flights in incognito. I would recommend you do the same, especially when you're just browsing different prices and not exactly set on something specific. I found my cheap flights on JAL/Americans from PHL in an incognito window.
  11. That's what I was thinking .... better than London 2012. Still feel like there's something missing with it, I'm not sure what, but it just feels a little bland. Oh well, London's logo was fugly and Rio's was not ... obviously had no bearing on their subsequent legacies.
  12. Oh the concern isn't attraction, the USA tried for Olympics like 2012 in New York and 2016 in Chicago and just didn't get them. But all I'm saying is the long length may finally be coming to a close, which is good, because anyone born 1992 and later (like me) likely has no recollection of a Team-USA-At-Home world event. I wonder if the lack of the ability to space out hosting events has to do with American culture. Back in the 80s with the Cold War, the USA was in cultural competition with the USSr and working to maintain its cultural dominance. I wonder if the USA wanting to go back to hosting all of these events could have something to do with us feeling the need to defend our global image in some regard. It's fair to say that the IOC just wanted a break from the USA, and they're just now coming back to it, or that the IOC is in financial trouble and needs an economically viable Olympics to save its image and it trusts the USA the most to do that, but I wonder if 2026-2028-2030 could have some sort of cultural ties to them.
  13. Whoops - didn't see there was a second page on this forum so I didn't see that the conversation switched, sorry to change the topic!
  14. Now that you mention it, I kind of like the idea of Lyon as well. It was a great host city for the 2019 WWC Semi Finals and Final, so it would be great to see the city host the ceremonies and indoor events, with the alpine events further out from the city. But I'm gonna have to go with SLC or even Denver for 2030 - least problematic, could rake in loads of money, and the IOC may not want to lean Central Europe after immediately doing that. Wonder if at any point someone will step up and say that a 2026 World Cup, 2028 Summer Olympics, and 2030 Winter Olympics is too much for the USA. I feel like it won't happen, because the USA hasn't played host to a major world tournament since the 2003 Women's World Cup, so an entire generation hasn't been able to cheer on Team USA at home, but 2028/30 are far from now - who knows what the political and social situation of the USA will be.
  15. After all the destruction Nagano just faced with the typhoon, I'm not sure they are going to volunteer themselves to welcome the world. They have other things to worry about right now. I would've loved that though, to see all of Japan's former Olympic host cities working together to help Tokyo.
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