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  1. anthonyliberatori

    France 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

    Draw: https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/final-draw/ Group Stage Match Schedule: https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/matches/
  2. anthonyliberatori

    France 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

    Draw just finished up in Paris and these are the groups: Group A (Games in Paris, Reims, Rennes, Grenoble, and Nice): France South Korea Norway Nigeria Group B (Games in Le Havre, Rennes, Valenciennes, Paris, and Montpellier): Germany China Spain South Africa Croup C (Games in Valenciennes, Grenoble, Montpellier, and Reims): Australia Italy Brazil Jamaica Group D (Games in Nice, Paris, Rennes, and Le Havre): England Scotland Argentina Japan Group E (Games in Montpellier, Le Havre, Valenciennes, Grenoble and Reims): Canada Cameroon New Zealand Netherlands Group F (Games in Le Havre, Paris, Rennes, Reims, and Nice): United States Thailand Chile Sweden
  3. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Didn't Norway also claim they would try for 2030, because 226 didn't give them enough time to garner political support? But even so, in the case that Sapporo is interested in 2030, you're actually supporting Quaker's claim more in that SLC can step in and cover 2026 should the IOC be left with absolutely no options, and then cities like Sapporo, Oslo/Lillehammer, and whoever else can actually bid for 2030. Not half-cracked logic. Keeps host interested and a stable bid process, and gets the IOC that desired North American or Western Europe host for at least 2026, but maybe even 2030 as well.
  4. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Regardless of the issues the two of you have, he has a valid point LOL. He seems to be thinking the USOC is lined up to pull an Innsbruck when Denver dropped out three years before, expect with much more planning. (at most 11 years, but ready whenever needed). Which, could be very smart, because it may send a message like "if this city can do it on such little notice and still not spend so much, there's no reason why *insert winter sports city/region* can't also host. I actually never considered it like that to tell you the honest truth.
  5. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Maybe I should've done more reading before I asked the question, obviously I missed some backstory here ...
  6. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Even though I did not tag you directly, thanks for sharing. I too am smelling a double-award on the horizon, I agree with you in that the USOC wouldn't be worrying this early about a 2030 bid, especially when they already have a full-on Olympics to plan, if they weren't expecting to find out about hosting 2030 next year. I also think they are putting some sort of trust in SLC about erasing some of the bad press, which is understandable. Look, we agree!
  7. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Quaker started the thread a long time ago, and resurfaced it with this article, hence why I tagged him directly ... Do I need to call you out directly so you feel included? I'm aware of his opinion, I wanted to know if it had changed given the new circumstances. And, if it was the same, I wanted to hear why. Just getting discussion rolling, hence the point of this thread, and forum entirely.
  8. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Quaker, what do you thinks the odds are that we'll see a double award of Milan or Stockholm for 2026, and then Salt Lake or Denver for 2030? Do you think it's best in the IOCs interest to decide in 2019 their plans through 2030?
  9. anthonyliberatori

    Tokyo 2020 News - General

    Did you just try to correct/one-up my statement by reiterating it?
  10. anthonyliberatori

    DENVER 2030

    Always a good laugh from you, Quaker
  11. anthonyliberatori

    Tokyo 2020 News - General

    Certainly not what anyone wants to be hearing right about now. The BidWeek article may have gotten it correct: The IOC must change everything.
  12. anthonyliberatori

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    If we took a shot each time a potential 2026 host city said "referendum", we would be drunk until 2026.
  13. anthonyliberatori

    Will Beijing 2022 & LA 2028 be the last Olympic Games?

    The Olympics certainly won't go away, they will establish a system of permanent hosts well before they completely do away with the Olympics. With the Summer Games, they could rotate around the six continents, using say, Los Angeles, Rio, Paris, Johannesburg, Tokyo and Sydney, meaning it will be 24 years in between a city's edition of the Games, allowing for a change over time in artistic and presentation elements, but not having massive financial risks. Winter could adapt a similar shuffle concept, just not as continent-based, as Oceania and Africa are completely ill-equipped. I do not support this, though, and I do not think it will even come down to that (yet). What I really see happening, is the IOC giving to Milan-Cortina if they make it to the voting, just because Stockholm's political situation is very rocky and with such a spread out bid, they may want to test a largely-spread Winter bid somewhere else rather than Stockholm-North Sweden-Latvia. If both fall through, SLC or Denver will likely get it. But, with the 2026 Olympics, 2026 World Cup, and 2028 Olympics in the USA, the European and Asian nations will want cracks at it themselves to show that everything shouldn't be American-based. The US games, will, hopefully reconstruct the idea of how to finance and budget for an Olympics, it will just be imperative that the US does not try to overdo it. But, I then see 2032 being basically handed to a European bid that goes through, with 2030 given to Oslo if they can make it as well. Boom, we recreated the late 1970s/80s era. "It's the end of the Olympics!" was said before, and look what happened.
  14. I really hate to do this, but now my trust in order to organize a mass event is going to the Italians ..... read that again..... the italians..... We have a rocky 7 months ahead of us before this vote.