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  1. anthonyliberatori

    National Stadium(1964 Olympic Stadium)

    Can July 24 come any faster!?
  2. anthonyliberatori

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    This is true, but I'm not too sure the building of these arenas in Milan is necessarily a bad thing. Milan has 3.6 million people, so there is a population there to uphold the venues. Italy won 3 golds at Pyeongchang after 0 in Sochi, and support for their ice hockey team has grown out of IIHF Worlds. While it may not be directly what the IOC wants in terms of arena recycling, it's not like Milan (and its metro area in North Italy, where the country's money is) will leave these venues empty. Vancouver was able to upkeep their venues and it's a much smaller city. Granted, Canada has a larger emphasis on the winter sports, but Italy also has other strong sports like Volleyball that could keep these small arenas functioning. However, I would also be okay with the incorporation of Turin. The IOC's goal should not be glitz, glamour, and new arenas. It should be getting host cities back and redefining what it means to host a sustainable Olympics. We will see what route Milan goes with this, but you are right in that including Turin would've been the responsible choice.
  3. anthonyliberatori

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    I have done this, LOL. It's not unheard of to fly into the major regional international airport for the region and then take a train or rent a car and drive to the slopes. Cortina is about 4 hours by car from Malpensa, just as Vail is about 2 hours from Denver Intl Airport, and Whistler is 3 hours from YVR. Granted, there are closer, smaller airports, but it's not unheard of to take the direct flight to the major airport and drive. More so of what I was going for was that international ski tourism should increase for Italy. From an American perspective, France, Switzerland and Austria are the usual go-tos for Euro skiing, as they're the most well-connected by air routes and popular with the Brits, so we can speak English. Not that the Olympics have been known to turn every host city into a lasting premier destination, but maybe now Italian skiing will cross the mind of more international tourists. You're right, Cortina may be hard to get to, but maybe that will land more tourists at other Italian ski towns.
  4. anthonyliberatori

    Brisbane 2032

    I know this point was asked not to be brought up again, and they aren't technically bidding, but damn, I'd really be much more behind this if it were Melbourne. They haven't had the Games in the television era so it really would be new to many, and by 2032, most of the people who watched Melbourne 1956 would be dead or very very old. It's about time this city comes back to the limelight. Plus, they have many of the venues not only already built, but already in use, and not to mention the necessary infrastructure and population boom to keep the facilities in use. The argument that Brisbane 2032 would "bring good things to Australia" could be applied to Melbourne, and given Melbourne's experience with hosting the Games (and many other international competitions) before, I'm really wondering why Melbourne was not the frontrunner. Does anyone know why Brisbane was chosen over Melbourne? Was it because it was the next big Australian city to lose its hosting virginity? Or were the people just not about it? I truly want to know, because if angry taxpayers in Brisbane will be a deterrent to 2032, I'm wondering how it'll fare in Melbourne, as not only is the city and its metro area of a completely different political mindset, but taxpayer dollars would go to things such as expanded highways, public transportation, and housing over massive sports venues, which more people would probably be able to get behind because then the citizens too can feel the positive effects of the Games. Can anyone actually explain to me why Melbourne wasn't selected? I was not following the Aussie bid close enough because I guess I didn't think it would get too far.
  5. anthonyliberatori

    The Milan Cortina Italy thread

    Great choice. Hopefully the increased train service to Cortina become a regular thing so Italy can capitalize on the skiing business during the season for years to come. That makes it very easy for tourists to fly into MXP, a major airport, and then take the train right to Cortina. Ensures longevity with tourism. Ultimately, this was the right choice. Stockholm/Are/Latvia was not in favor of the people and opened up a marketing nightmare we all know the IOC did not want to have to deal with if they didn't have to. Milan/Cortina's "two cluster" approach is very similar to those of Vancouver, Sochi and Pyeongchang, which I personally think is an good way to utilize existing infrastructure from an urban area, develop a smaller winter resort town nearby, and hope a tourism business sticks. Also, the support in Italy is immense, and the proximity to nearby countries ensures full venues for events like speed skating (the dutch), curling (the swedes), downhill skiing (Germans, Austrians, French, and the Italians themselves), and Ice Hockey (Germans, Swedes, Finns, and even the Italians since it's growing so much). Really a win to get back to the Alps and as long as all goes well, we should see cities like Calgary, Sapporo, and even Salt Lake coming back eager to host - which would make the IOC elated.
  6. anthonyliberatori

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    I am a believer of omens, and in the span of 24 hours, my: Tokyo 2020 volunteer application was denied My cousin, who married a first-generation American whose parents are from Japan, arrived back from Japan after visiting her cousins-in-law (best way to put it) My cousin told one of the Japanese cousins-in-law that I am an Olympic history nerd and she offered me a room in her home in Yokohama I stumbled upon $670 roundtrip flights to Tokyo from Philadelphia. So.... I"M GOING! My first ever Olympics! I could not be more excited! Thanks to everyone who gave me ticket advice, as of right now I still have no tickets. I will continue to check CoSport and the Facebook group, and hopefully something good comes up. But, the hardest part is out of the way, and I am going. Now I am definitely paying attention to this thread on tickets
  7. anthonyliberatori

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    This was very good advice, it is definitely something I'm going to think long and hard about. I really really really want to go, and I have the money for it, so I may be ready to take that leap of faith. Any advice on how to start trying to find those tickets though other than just checking CoSport on and off, day in and day out? I tried to find some hockey tickets last night, but they were also sold. Football will be nice too - the US Women's team will certainly be there, but the men are making a good push as well to go. I would certainly love to go to as many events as possible. However, you made a good point about "Olympic Spirit". It would be so nice to meet other fans from around the globe at different Fan Zones, and maybe even do some pin exchanging. that's something I hadn't thought much about. Plus, I've never even been to Japan, so I would want to do some sightseeing as well. So I would be okay (elated actually) if I went, saw some events, hopefully most involving Team USA, and still got to experience that Olympic Spirit and what Tokyo has to offer.
  8. anthonyliberatori

    Tokyo Olympic Tickets thread

    While I am an Olympic nerd, I am trying to go to Tokyo 2020, which will be my first ever Olympics. I put in an order request through CoSport (American) and naturally didn't get it, and the sports are still all sold out. But after reading through this thread, I'm getting the impression that some tickets may open up later? And that I shouldn't be too concerned about landing tickets? Or should I take the post a few above mine as completely serious, with me being "doomed"? Also, if you do say I have a chance of landing tickets. what do I do in regards to accommodations and flights? Should I start trying to book a place to stay now, and flights in 3-5 months, and just chance the tickets? Or should I wait until I've secured some tickets to book accommodations? Would any of your recommend booking refundable accommodations in this case? Sorry for so many questions, again, this would be my first ever Olympics ... I'm really interested in the Opening Ceremony, Basketball, and both gendered Volleyball, Hockey, Football (Soccer), Swimming, and Beach Volleyball, Men's Handball, and Women's Gymnastics. If I can get a few tickets to any of those events, I would be elated
  9. anthonyliberatori

    France 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

    Draw: https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/final-draw/ Group Stage Match Schedule: https://www.fifa.com/womensworldcup/matches/
  10. anthonyliberatori

    France 2019 FIFA Women's World Cup

    Draw just finished up in Paris and these are the groups: Group A (Games in Paris, Reims, Rennes, Grenoble, and Nice): France South Korea Norway Nigeria Group B (Games in Le Havre, Rennes, Valenciennes, Paris, and Montpellier): Germany China Spain South Africa Croup C (Games in Valenciennes, Grenoble, Montpellier, and Reims): Australia Italy Brazil Jamaica Group D (Games in Nice, Paris, Rennes, and Le Havre): England Scotland Argentina Japan Group E (Games in Montpellier, Le Havre, Valenciennes, Grenoble and Reims): Canada Cameroon New Zealand Netherlands Group F (Games in Le Havre, Paris, Rennes, Reims, and Nice): United States Thailand Chile Sweden
  11. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Didn't Norway also claim they would try for 2030, because 226 didn't give them enough time to garner political support? But even so, in the case that Sapporo is interested in 2030, you're actually supporting Quaker's claim more in that SLC can step in and cover 2026 should the IOC be left with absolutely no options, and then cities like Sapporo, Oslo/Lillehammer, and whoever else can actually bid for 2030. Not half-cracked logic. Keeps host interested and a stable bid process, and gets the IOC that desired North American or Western Europe host for at least 2026, but maybe even 2030 as well.
  12. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Regardless of the issues the two of you have, he has a valid point LOL. He seems to be thinking the USOC is lined up to pull an Innsbruck when Denver dropped out three years before, expect with much more planning. (at most 11 years, but ready whenever needed). Which, could be very smart, because it may send a message like "if this city can do it on such little notice and still not spend so much, there's no reason why *insert winter sports city/region* can't also host. I actually never considered it like that to tell you the honest truth.
  13. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Maybe I should've done more reading before I asked the question, obviously I missed some backstory here ...
  14. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Even though I did not tag you directly, thanks for sharing. I too am smelling a double-award on the horizon, I agree with you in that the USOC wouldn't be worrying this early about a 2030 bid, especially when they already have a full-on Olympics to plan, if they weren't expecting to find out about hosting 2030 next year. I also think they are putting some sort of trust in SLC about erasing some of the bad press, which is understandable. Look, we agree!
  15. anthonyliberatori

    United States 2026/2030

    Quaker started the thread a long time ago, and resurfaced it with this article, hence why I tagged him directly ... Do I need to call you out directly so you feel included? I'm aware of his opinion, I wanted to know if it had changed given the new circumstances. And, if it was the same, I wanted to hear why. Just getting discussion rolling, hence the point of this thread, and forum entirely.