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  1. There are plenty of Opening Ceremony tickets (A+B+C, max 4 per order) still available on the official site: https://tickets.pyeongchang2018.com/Session I'm a foreigner (non-Korean) and it let me purchase them directly online with my foreign credit card with no hassle.
  2. Minor and major event schedule changes were announced: https://tickets.pyeongchang2018.com/Service/Notice For example, Women's gold medal hockey went from midnight to the afternoon.
  3. I should have waited to buy tickets from the official site instead of through my ATR. Wow, the finals / ceremonies I was looking for are all still available and cheaper. Just bought a few more that my ATR couldn't get.
  4. I booked accommodations in Gangneung, although it's still like 1.5 hours away from PyeongChang. Donghae is another option, except it's even further away.
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