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  1. The new hotels being built are all planned for Additional Technical Officials and sponsors which POCOG will then plan to move the technical officials from their planned accommodation in Bokwang and also move the sponsors from Seoul so I can not see them being made available to spectators Airbnb is not technically legal in Korea but there is some listings Although they think the price will only go up as the games get closer it's a very sparse area of Korea
  2. Don't forget that at least two carriages will be for accredited personals and athletes - capacity is around 20,000 a day but they anticipate around 70% of people from Seoul will drive. We are strongly recommending that clients attending the Games for a long period of time (more than 3 days) do not stay in Seoul because of the high cost of the KTX as well as no guarantee of seating. You can find good accommodation on the east coast similar to what you would pay in Seoul without the $90 return ticket and 4-5 hours of travel time a day. The Games will be compact and easy to transi
  3. Its our pleasure, the information is not always available but we are able to get access to more information that is not yet public or at least provide first hand experience of what is going on.
  4. Hi all, we are new here to the Games Bids forums, although we have visited the website for news in the past. I wanted to help some people with transport information seeing it is not readily available. We have been to PyeongChang a few times, and transport was one of our biggest worries. KTX from Incheon will run 16 times a day, 10 carriages, 2 are drivers compartments, 8 for passengers on which at least 2 will be for accredited persons (athletes, media, officials). Each carriage carries 45 passengers and tickets will go on sale in December via Korean Rails website for aroun
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