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  1. I've often thought about whether each continent has a designated city, and what cities that may be. Europe - Paris? Asia - Tokyo (or Beijing?) Oceania - Sydney (or perhaps Melbourne which is arguably more 'Olympic ready' in 2018 than Sydney is, despite not hosting recently) Africa - Hmmm... Durban..? Americas - Los Angeles.
  2. Salt Lake is a great choice. Now that Lake Placid is too small - it could effectively carve itself out a spot as a "go to" Winter city like LA.
  3. Then enjoy the event folding into oblivion. We (the south hem) don't care that much - was just trying to help.
  4. Kosciuszko - as a region - wouldn't be able to do it (anywhere in Australia would be a stretch). However, if the mountain/dates issue could be resolved it would only happened anchored to Canberra. If not Canberra (and taking Stockholm's recent ideas around distance), Melbourne or Sydney could be possibilities for a WOG. Christchurch/Queenstown is still the winner for an Oceania WOG. The above, with Mendoza (Argentina) and Santiago (Chile) means the Southern Hemisphere is possibility a big circuit breaker for the Winter Games.
  5. Again to labour the point - this week its been announced about a $1 billion will be spent on further upgrading Melbourne (Olympic) Park percent that will enhance venues and further integrate it with Melbourne's downtown. This excludes the $225 million announced to upgrade Etihad (Docklands) Stadium (now about 20 years old) and an expected announcement to spend a few hundred million on an MCG refurb in the next few years. In addition to the city booming with its population expected to surpass Sydney in the next 20 years it sure is a shame the IOC is so blinkered by June/July hosting. Their loss.
  6. (even though I support Brisbane as our next candidate in principle - it is seriously being Sydney and Melbourne, and even Perth, in terms of infrastructure - its probably the least ready of our all major cities).
  7. Sadly part of that refurb includes squaring off the stadium indefinitely - meaning any future reconversion to accommodate track+field will be all but impossible in the new post refurb configuration . If Sydney does go for a second Olympics in the next few decades, it will not involve Stadium Australia (at least in terms of hosting T+F). I still maintain that Brisbane is being presumptuous, and when the time comes Perth, Sydney and Melbourne leaders will likely have something to say about Brisbane being anointed the honour of bidding without a formal domestic process.
  8. I think that has more to do with it being held in the MCG - an intimidatingly large venue for a creative team to utilise. They had no option but to go large. Anything on a smaller scale with less flair would have looked like an awkward and an inappropriate response to a large arena.
  9. But how exactly was it over the top? Delhi issues were Delhi issues and would have happened regardless of where 2006 was staged.
  10. To be honest I actually think its a shame the IOC has shied away from the international torch relay - not all countries are China and they could have taken it on a case by case basis (if I recall correctly - the biggest trouble in the Canberra leg was actually nationalist Chinese students, not anti PRC protesters) . Would have been nice to see Rio's relay visit other South American nations, or the 2024 relay travelling around the EU from Olympia to Paris (the thought of it doing the journey from Greece to France entirely by land is kind quite lovely).
  11. Frankly it was the 2018 ceremonies which - to me - were shadowing the Sydney Olympics far more obviously than Melbourne did in 2006 (even so far as using the same music).
  12. Aside from it being staged 6 years after 2000 - how exactly?
  13. While I concede that South East Queensland is fully capable of hosting the Olympics, and would do it well, I would hope the AOC opens up a domestic competition for the rights for 2032. Its a little presumptions of Beattie and Co to ignore the presence of Sydney, Melbourne or even Perth.
  14. I'm hoping the high spirits of 2018 motivates Australia to kick back into form in Tokyo - I don't expect to hit the same mark our 4th placing in Sydney and Athens but hopefully something between 6th and 8th finish might be possible.
  15. "As the established names, arguably those most likely to inspire the future generation, continued to fall by the wayside" Ever since this one was wheeled out with London's 2012 Olympic bid its become such a tired, meaningless narrative. England/Team GB will be fine. Naturally they'll go through ups and downs in the years that follow the hugeness of 2012 (similar to Australia's comedown about a decade following Sydney 2000). At least you guys have 2022 for a shot in the arm!
  16. Most famous Australian artists spend much of their careers in US and Europe - they go where the money and industry is. Suggesting we don't have the right to claim them as our own talent is a bit unfair.
  17. Fair call if you prefer it over 2006, but this observation is confusing? Melbourne was a first time CwG host.
  18. Interesting proposition Baron - and I don't doubt that the CWG will come off second best here - this almost reeks of "i'll take on on a date but just waiting for someone hotter to confirm first"
  19. I agree. I do think that Greece deserves its recognition but I find when it becomes so regular and routine it loses its meaning. But thats the nature of the Olympics - highly protocol driven. I agree with the Greek anthem at the opening of the SOG, but that should be it. I've actually always thought it would be nice if the former hosts were recognised like the Commonwealth Games by marching first - perhaps the Winter Games could have done that (so South Korea would march first at Beijing 2022).
  20. Why are people doubting the possibility of a back to back North American WOG? How is that different to South Korea/China?
  21. Interesting to speculate about a potential mid-90s London Olympics that may have been a flop...
  22. Understandable too, because without strong governance structures the Olympics are a big risk. Also interesting London bidded for 1996 - another fact I wasn't aware of. Also think it would have probably pipped Atlanta. Any ideas of how a mid-90s London Olympics might have been staged? I understand Docklands - but would we have had a new Olympic Stadium? A rebuilt Wembley seems more likely. Anyone have any bid material?
  23. Interesting news piece of London failing against Manchester to secure the bidding rights for 2000. Interesting decision, and one of the more interesting 'what if' scenarios to speculate upon. I think London probably would have won 2000. It then leads me to wonder if Australia would have ever got its second Olympics against the likes of Athens, Beijing, Paris or Rio in later years... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0gpdPAIseg
  24. Seoul is entirely possible as the next Asian SOG host if - thats if Southern Asia doesnt get itself together in the next 20 years (potential in Singapore, KL, Bangkok and to a lesser extent, Delhi).
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