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  1. LA 2028 Ceremonies

    Maybe a giant tarpit (a la Athens meets La Brea) in the middle of the Coliseum and all athletes march into the bubbling black pit never to return. Sounds intense, but hear me out: It's Authentic: an iconic Los Angeles experience. It's creates a Legacy: "LA2028 Memorial Museum contains the remains of thousands of the world's athletes who perished that night in 2028." Supports the Olympic Movement: It boosts the appeal of the Olympics for 2032 candidate cities by cutting the number of athletes they need to organise for by two thirds.
  2. Beijing 2022

  3. *I truly hope LA does NOT put the ceremonies in the new stadium at Hollywood Park....
  4. The only city. Tokyo will utilise a rebuilt Olympic Stadium. While Athens and London reused existing previous stadiums for other sports, only Los Angeles can boast the same stadium for track and field for possibly three Olympics. I truly hope LA does put the ceremonies in the new stadium at Hollywood Park - even if it means a less high tech ceremony can be staged at the Coliseum. The heritage value of the event is too much to ignore, and the disconnect in Rio made me feel there was a lack of 'spirit' to the occasion having the ceremonies in a football stadium.
  5. Adelaide? lol. Did you mean Brisbane? Adelaide is like proposing Milwaukee or Nashville.
  6. Given the intensity of iconic options possible - it wouldn't surprise me if LA did a London and gathered a diverse bunch of young Angelenos to light the cauldron (perhaps in an SLC 2002 kind of way if they use the 1932 cauldron). Would also fit the LA narrative of urban regeneration and hope .
  7. Yeah - sadly not going to happen due to aforementioned organisational issues. The idea of a new frontier in 2032 does seem enticing. Remember, by 2028 we would have had three consecutive former hosts staging the Games in a row. By then, we will be in a different era - Sochi and Rio possibly a distant memory, and the desire for an exotic host will be back. That said, I don't necessarily think India is the right place. Shame that South Africa stuffed up Durban. The Commonwealth Games might be a minor event compared to the Olympics, but I firmly believe the IOC uses it as a good yard stick for a city's organisational capability. So ruling out South Africa and India in 2032, who else? Bangkok? Kuala Lumpur? Madrid (40 years out from Barcelona - might this finally be Madrid's year?). Wouldn't surprise me if Russia and China heap a city onto 2032 also.
  8. Bach should watch his words - he can be quite passive aggressive. 11 years is a long time - there is still a possibility of LA going politically cold on the Olympics idea and during a Denver-Durban.
  9. Movies set in Olympic Cities

    My comment was directed at Baron, not you.
  10. Movies set in Olympic Cities

    Just admit it - you were wrong. End of discussion.
  11. Movies set in Olympic Cities

    Technically untrue - but lets not let that get in the way of a good urban myth. Unfortunately in reality its merely the work of a Sydneysider with a chip on their shoulder. Pre Opera House days must have been tough on the Emerald City, with Hollywood and Olympic heading south of the Murray } https://2015.acmi.net.au/acmi-channel/2009/film-essay-on-the-beach/
  12. Movies set in Olympic Cities

    I really fail to understand that point you are labouring to make? Melbourne is on a bay, and has bay beaches? How does that negate the film from this category? Unlike many other films within this thread, OTB is actually set in Melbourne (its not just the backdrop of a generic American city like Sydney was in the Matrix). Willy Wonka is NOT set in England. It was the intention to make it deliberately ambiguous. Its not Germany, England, France or the US - hence why Munich with a variety of different accents for the locals.
  13. Tokyo 2020 Look of the Games

    I agree, re: red. Also doesn't look great in person. I was in Beijing in 2008, and found the red/rainbow/red banners and livery a bit too much. Spectacular, but intense. I think a suite of pastel colours might work well - pinks, greens, light blues, yellows... perhaps simply an arrangement of the logo shapes and squares. Keep it simple.
  14. Movies set in Olympic Cities

    Willy Wonka in the Chocolate Factory - shot in Munich. Many of the sets and locations were in the area immediately west of the Olympiapark, which was in its final stages of construction when production took place in 1971. On the Beach (1959) filmed and set in Melbourne. Production took place about 2 years after the Olympics were in town .
  15. Turkey Set To Launch 2026 Olympic Winter Games Bid

    "They did not give us the Olympics even when we had the right. They gave the Olympics for the second time to those who hosted it before." This man is an egomaniac. "the right" - no nation has a "right" to the Olympics. 2020 was close for Turkey, but they never stood a realistic chance for 2000 or 2008.