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  1. I agree. I do think that Greece deserves its recognition but I find when it becomes so regular and routine it loses its meaning. But thats the nature of the Olympics - highly protocol driven. I agree with the Greek anthem at the opening of the SOG, but that should be it. I've actually always thought it would be nice if the former hosts were recognised like the Commonwealth Games by marching first - perhaps the Winter Games could have done that (so South Korea would march first at Beijing 2022).
  2. Calgary 2026 and Salt Lake 2030?

    Why are people doubting the possibility of a back to back North American WOG? How is that different to South Korea/China?
  3. Interesting to speculate about a potential mid-90s London Olympics that may have been a flop...
  4. Understandable too, because without strong governance structures the Olympics are a big risk. Also interesting London bidded for 1996 - another fact I wasn't aware of. Also think it would have probably pipped Atlanta. Any ideas of how a mid-90s London Olympics might have been staged? I understand Docklands - but would we have had a new Olympic Stadium? A rebuilt Wembley seems more likely. Anyone have any bid material?
  5. Interesting news piece of London failing against Manchester to secure the bidding rights for 2000. Interesting decision, and one of the more interesting 'what if' scenarios to speculate upon. I think London probably would have won 2000. It then leads me to wonder if Australia would have ever got its second Olympics against the likes of Athens, Beijing, Paris or Rio in later years... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i0gpdPAIseg
  6. Summer Games in Korea

    Seoul is entirely possible as the next Asian SOG host if - thats if Southern Asia doesnt get itself together in the next 20 years (potential in Singapore, KL, Bangkok and to a lesser extent, Delhi).
  7. Just thought its interesting to look back on how people perceived the future... feel free to post any article you might find interesting! D.C., BALTIMORE MAY SEEK AN OLYMPIC RING IN 2008 By Thomas Heath February 11, 1997 Email the author The friendly rivalry between Washington and Baltimore is about to become more intense as both cities prepare to make runs at hosting the 2008 Olympic Games. Representatives from each city will attend a seminar in Philadelphia Wednesday sponsored by the U.S. Olympic Committee for organizations considering a bid on the Olympics or an Olympic-related event. Seven people from the Washington D.C. Exploratory Committee and three from the state of Maryland will be among the 83 people from 38 sports and development organizations attending the session. The competition will be intense and Washington's financial and crime problems will not help. Nevertheless, who would have believed Atlanta would have won the right to host the 1996 Olympics? New York, Seattle and Boston are among other U.S. cities interested. Both Washington and Baltimore groups said $600 million in current stadium construction as well as billions in airport improvements, rail links, highways and the region's proximity to rivers makes Washington-Baltimore an attractive host for an Olympics. "The area is uniquely situated to do this," said Elizabeth Ganzi-Ejjam, who helped form the D.C. committee two weeks ago. Ganzi is president of Ganzi Productions, a Washington-based event marketing company that worked on the Atlanta Olympics and has helped manage sports marketing for Coca-Cola. Ganzi said she envisions a Washington-based regional Olympics that would raise money by charging corporations sponsorships fees in return for using the Olympic logo in their company promotions. The method was used successfully in Los Angeles in 1984 and with more limited success last summer in Atlanta. The D.C. committee said it has the endorsement of Mayor Marion Barry and the District's Office of Economic Development. The group includes Paul Klepper, director of the command center at the Atlanta Games; Brad Dockser, who helped write D.C.'s bid for last summer's Olympic soccer matches held at RFK Stadium; and Michael Pitts, director of transportation for the Atlanta Games. The Olympic soccer matches last summer were considered a huge success and set attendance records at RFK Stadium. Baltimore is sending three people to the Philadelphia meeting, including Maryland Stadium Authority Chairman John Moag and two attorneys, Paul Levy of Montgomery County and Keith Rosenberg, a Baltimore resident who practices law in D.C. Members of the Maryland group, which doesn't have a name yet, said they have discussed the proposal with Maryland Gov. Parris Glendening and will report to the governor when they return. "This is obviously in its infancy stage," said Levy, who also plans to pay for the Olympics with corporate sponsorship. Both groups have of lots of time. The International Olympic Committee will not name a host city for the 2008 Games until late 2001 or early 2002, according to the USOC. Eight cities, including New York, Seattle and Boston, are pursuing the USOC's nod as the American entry. The USOC Board of Directors likely will vote on a resolution at its meeting in Philadelphia on whether the USOC will offer the IOC a formal bid for 2008. The road may be uphill. The United States will have hosted four Olympics since 1980 by that time: Lake Placid in 1980, Los Angeles in 1984, Atlanta in 1996 and Salt Lake City in 2002. "There is some feeling that the IOC would like to go to South America, China or South Africa," said Mike Moran, USOC director of public relations. Moran also said there is also uncertainty over the IOC's feelings toward another U.S. Games following Atlanta, which some IOC members thought were overcommercialized and in bad taste. The 2000 Games will be held in Sydney; 11 cities are still in the running for the 2004 Games, which will be awarded this September.
  8. No - it would be inappropriate. I even think the Greek national anthem is an overkill - play it once at the Opening of the Summer Games but forget it at the closing and don't do it at all at the Winter Games IMO.
  9. Olympics cauldron

    Sadly only part of Sydney cauldron still exists - the pylon has been lost its just the dish itself .
  10. I quite like the idea of Calgary's return - with Los Angeles it is fitting. When they both hosted in the 1980s they formed an important part of the transition of the Olympic movement from the dark days of the 1970s into the prosperous 80s/90s. The IOC is in arguably its biggest crisis since the mid-70s, so it seems full circle that we head back to Calgary and Los Angeles in the 2020s (although hopefully by then - following a successful Tokyo and Paris - the woes of the 2010s will be long behind us).
  11. Its not Melbourne. I doubt its Brisbane either. No Australian politician, particularly at a state level, would keep something like this quiet as it would tank once it goes public. Australian politics is a different machine to the early 90s when Melbourne and Sydney last bid. We will very likely see an Aussie bid for the 2030s, but I can see it being very fraught and contested like many recent European cities like Hamburg and Rome.
  12. Surely the IOC wouldn't consider an 'unsolicited' bid from a Gulf state city good form right now? A Doha Olympics would kill the Olympic Movement.
  13. On balance, I enjoyed the ceremony and I thought it did its job in welcoming the world to South Korea. I think South Korea didn't have to prove anything as that was largely undertaken in 1988. I agree with the points above that the ceremony relied heavily on prerecorded content - I'm not sure how exciting it would have been in person (ps- the crowd was not very enthusiastic! but i suspect a cultural thing). I thought the cauldron lighting was great until they handed the torch over to the skater and she did some naff twists on a perilously small rink with no barrier - only to set fire to a frightening jagged probe that lit the cauldron - not very elegant. And the cauldron itself looks like a cross between a toy grabbing machine and a water tower? Nonetheless - I enjoyed it more than Rio and Sochi (I have to say, I don't think the 2010s ceremonies are quite as exciting as what we saw between 1992-2012 - which we might look back no as a golden area where technology available was good - but not so great that it stole the show's spirit).
  14. Its lip service . They should work with what they've got - or work on their PR.