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  1. Marriott-Starwood merger to spark turf war in Japan According to Japan Times, Marriott is poised to expand its business in Japan ahead of Tokyo’s hosting of the Olympic Games in 2020, when the government wants to achieve a target of 40 million foreign visitors a year. http://www.japantimes.co.jp/news/2016/05/24/business/marriott-starwood-merger-spark-turf-war-japan/#.WGKp4_mLTIU Clearly, Marriott and Starwood see the massive influx of tourists as a potential source of business. They hold higher advantages based on the offers of luxury facilities and higher overnight rate through
  2. Tokyo has facilitated a range of sustainability approaches that incorporate environmental, social and economic aspects. In response to the adoption of Paris Agreement which concerns about the climate change issues, the Tokyo 2020 Sustainability plan has meshed with the Tokyo Vision 2020. It involves the collaboration of both the Tokyo Organising Committee and the Tokyo Metropolitan Government who are aiming to transform the city into a sustainable urban called ‘smart city’ over the next eight years. They will make positive improvements on the local transportation system, replacement of re
  3. The Rio 2016 was the first mega event that Nissin sponsored and Tokyo 2020 Olympics as the second sponsored event is the ongoing one. In this way, they seem actively involved in the sponsor role meaning a higher possibility to sponsor other sporting events in the future. https://www.nissin.com/en_jp/news/5269
  4. It is not rare that Nissin has once again become a sponsor of a sporting event. Surprisingly, it was the 29th official sponsor of Manchester United. It came out with a marketing campaign named "Hungry to Win" embraced a 30-second advert displayed in Japanese animation. This enabled a further promotion of Manchester United as well as the food products to a wider market such as Singapore, Hong Kong, Thailand, India and Mexico. Notably, the promotional concept had a strong equality and this could be seen from the video promoted in a combination of Eastern and Western culture. http://www.mirr
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