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  1. Wow, what a way to joke about stuff like that...classy. Nukes are no joke...
  2. Better cross your fingers that he doesn't start a war...otherwise you can forget about it
  3. Hey, aren't we discussing? Just pointing out that re-elected or not, the damage is already done and that's barely a month in service, imagine 4 years of more pissing off the globe, even close allies like Australia and Germany. It will take time to fix those relationships and a huge 180 degrees shift in how the US diplomacy do business which I believe it's utterly incapable of doing. I personally think that Trump is just getting warmed up as he's pursuing a foreign policy of isolation and that's exactly what he's going to get.
  4. Ok, whatever you say... People will just forget about this current presidency or the next just like that... We'll see
  5. A Trump re-election? I doubt the USOC would even bother to try.
  6. But that's what I'm saying. Trump being re-elected mean it might not happen
  7. I'm dying laughing if Trump gets re-elected....nothing surprises the world when it comes to the United States anymore
  8. My single post doesn't mean anything. This is LA time so talking about Toronto is pointless. If Toronto bid, I'll be around
  9. so how come Fox News still in business? I already said that Not much of a battle royal if it's only L.A vs T.O....Mexico City would make it entertaining....post NAFTA era
  10. Long story short, LA is a good measuring stick to see how Toronto compares to other world class cities, its strength and flaws and how far it came along since 2001. (2008 for me from my perspective).
  11. My hometown already had them, Montreal 1976. As for Toronto, I'd want it to face city like L.A instead of getting an easy win for reasons I won't bore you with. So, LA bidding or not doesn't make a difference to me.
  12. USOC bidding is a what if as well. You should include yourself in that criticism. Pretty sure way up there I said that LA bidding or not changes nothing for me.
  13. Mexico City could although I doubt the Mexicans would be in favor as they have more pressing needs. Then again, Oceania (Australia) would be just as overdue. Doesn't HAVE to be North America unlike soccer where FIFA made it clear it had to be North America for 2026
  14. I take at face value that's what the USOC said in their meetings via their minutes...which are meant to report what was actually said. Of course you can question it, but instead of attacking/questioning the article and journalist, I'm the one not smart enough to read an article...That's hilarious...I wonder why the hell I was hire as an analyst to begin with... No more use of the word "seem". I accurately pointed out that the USOC said in their meeting that they won't bid for 2028 and they haven't said otherwise since then. Me saying that's its non-bidding, its me saying that doesn't mean they won't bid in the end. Am I clear?
  15. Since you're using the word "seem", you're an assumption which I tell you is false as I said that it's non-bidding. It's minutes from a meeting that happened and that's what they said during that meeting at the time. Does that mean they will NEVER bid? No, otherwise some people don't understand what "non-bidding" means. It's easy to see that showing any hope for 2028 would be read as conceding 2024 to Paris. Someone, asked for a source and I gave it to them. If they don't like what's being said, take it to the newspaper. Hence me saying that whatever was discuss was "non-bidding" but that's what they said regardless.
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