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  1. Lol, that's because of the following: Too many Americans tries to enter Canada with guns! Canada border agency starts campaign to remind U.S. of gun laws here http://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/windsor/canada-border-agency-starts-campaign-to-remind-u-s-of-gun-laws-here-1.3731109
  2. Why would I? It's a fact that the US spends more on defense than the entire world combined. There's no American bases in Canada so I have no reason to complain. As for other nations, they accepted bases on their soil. So it's their decision
  3. Paranoid much, no I'm not! lol! I don`t. You don`t see me claiming that we have a better military, do you? NYT is fake news then
  4. I'm not implying anything. Just stating a fact You accused me of "implying" dominance and that such "dominance" was and I quote you: "According to me" I did no such thing, but found that the NYT indeed said that the Canadian Middle Class was richer. I shared a fact from an American newspaper. I guess they hate America too .I actually wish America the best. The point of the article wasn't to highlight Canada's dominance, but questioned why American middle class fell behind. Universal healthcare, lower education costs just to name those are a great way to immediately boost American middle class. And those aren't Canadian inventions (we're actually late to the party), but we got convinced to do it and it worked.
  5. Nowhere did I ever implied that Americans couldn't afford to travel, relax LOL Canada dominance? I just said that we have a very healthy middle class. Where did I use the word dominance? How about the New York Times? The American Middle Class Is No Longer the World’s Richest https://www.nytimes.com/2014/04/23/upshot/the-american-middle-class-is-no-longer-the-worlds-richest.html?_r=0 The Guardian? How America's middle class fell behind its Canadian neighbours https://www.theguardian.com/money/us-money-blog/2014/apr/27/america-canada-middle-class-college-healthcare-taxes So nope, not according to me at all
  6. Why are you surprise? There's been many article about how the US treatment of Mexico as sparked a wave of nationalism in Mexico. Most Americans don't seem to realize how humiliating all of this is to Mexico and how bad it makes them look worldwide. Why on earth would Mexican officials support anything that has to do with the United States? Ruff, my friend, I think you and many Americans seriously overestimate how positively the rest of the world view the United States. Respect is not owed, it's earned and it makes sense for them to support Paris and pursue stronger ties with other countries than the USA. Trump really left them no choice, so you can't be surprised by their reaction
  7. Nothing mysterious about it. No one likes winters. I used to like Florida, but I prefer Mexico now
  8. My... Hawaii! We do go deeper in the US and travel abroad. We can afford it, so we might as well! Canadian middle-class is in good health
  9. and your point is? It's 300M vs 35M people while 90% of Canada are close to the border. Not hard to explain the context of those stats
  10. -Homeland Security says this about 2015 https://www.dhs.gov/immigration-statistics/yearbook/2015/table28 Canada: 13,408,292 Footnote disclaimer: The majority of short-term admissions from Canada and Mexico are excluded. (but we don't know what they means by short-term) -The discrepancies might be on how both countries calculate their hits at the border, which makes sense. So that 12.6M from the US to Canada on Statistics Canada website is for 1 night or more. Oh well, I stand corrected. Seems the figures are closer than we both thought
  11. Like I said, I won't argue with you on that. No point at all
  12. Ok... Statistic Canada numbers are wrong. You're free to spin this anyways fits your arguments.
  13. My 2 cents on the whole muslim talks. Western world interference in their affairs made it possible for religious nutjobs to take control of those nations. Iran was a secular democracy until the British and Americans organized a coup against it's democratically elected president and install a tyrannical monarch as the "Shah". All that just so Iran wouldn't nationalize their oil reserves. Iran was VERY different before Ayatollah Komenei took over and started the Islamic Revolution. The more we isolate them, antagonize them and interfere in their affairs, the more power we're giving to those religious nutjobs. We need to leave them alone for real so we stop being the argument justifying those nutjobs existence. There's lots of Muslim nation who don't impose the Islamic veil like Lebanon. That's why it's very important to make the difference between muslims and radical Islam because we have a heavy hand in those radicals being here today. We leave them alone enough and their own people will revolt against those religious nutjobs, just like the Arab spring in Egypt and Tunisia.
  14. Theses are the 2015 stats (yeah it's wiki but the footnotes have the official stats from both governments) Americans visiting Canada: 22,057,860 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_Canada Canadians visiting the US: 11,671,122 https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Tourism_in_the_United_States Depends what you're looking for. Shocker, we're not a tropical paradise but Montreal is North America's Paris and I think Ontario/Toronto gets the lion share of visitors. Since I debunked what's above, it's safe to assume that Americans spends more overall. Retirees? Fair point. None-retirees, unless they are very rich, very doubtful Less than 1% and for non-life threatening procedures. Our system is based on needs and priorities, not on how much you have in your wallet. Those who can't/won't wait can choose to go elsewhere. It has nothing to do with quality Because unless you live in a province for around 6 consecutive months and are a resident/citizen, we charge just like the US. The reverse is pointless. It has nothing to do with quality
  15. I don't have that data for the Caribbean or Mexico but I know they account for around 500k in 2014 and there was 3.5M visitors in Florida that year spending a total of $4.4B in that economy. It started to shift further south in places like Mexico, Costa Rica and the Islands. Besides, they have to come back to Canada and live home between 4-6 consecutives months (depending on the province) or they lose their access to universal healthcare. Turks and Caicos Islands might become a Canadian province in the future which would be a major shift if that happened
  16. I noticed. My criticism was aimed at that very quote and the political class saying it, not you unless you work out of the white house. Oh they should lighten up, I don't support Calgary 2026 and I'm hardly unpatriotic. I'd reduce that to foreign policies. What the US do within it's borders is none or any outsider's business. It's easy to take my comments out of context but a thorough reread would show that no everyone likes their country to be put down, sure I reacted but against that individual who was doing the same aka being a total dick at putting down other countries. Don't take it so personal and I promise to take it less personal myself Pale in Comparison is a bit of an exaggeration... Stats shows more Americans cross north then in reverse and as for citizenship, Immigration Canada website crashed for a week because so many Americans tried to find out how to become citizens. To be fair, Trump + Bush were the main factors
  17. I expected nothing less. I have lots of American friends and they at least know that the criticism is aimed at their political class, not them. But your example works just as much in reverse. Lots of Americans here for tourism, seeking citizenship and residency. The world aren't tired of the American people, but their leaders and media being dicks to the rest of the world and their endless pointless wars and it's sad that they feed that stereotype that Americans are like their leaders...until you come along someone who likes to brag about being "the leader of the free world" Just an opinion
  18. We're getting tired of that title and the USA. We don't expect MUCH more anymore. We just want you to leave the rest of us alone. But hey, the rest of your post is correct Sincerely, The Free World
  19. http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/autres-sports/olympisme/201702/08/01-5067721-jeux-olympiques-montreal-soutient-la-candidature-de-paris.php Over 50 major cities and past hosts announced their support for Paris 2024. The article highlights 5 specific cities that have been very vocal about supporting Paris Montreal, Canada: (the whole world send their condolences for the Quebec City attacks except the USA. Conway said Trump had other stuff to tweet about then that ) Sydney: ( Their Prime Minister being scolded on the phone and hang up on) Mexico: (Stupid wall and bad hombres?) Munich: (Trump calling Merkel, Germany and the EU as awful and a disaster which Athens is part of) Yup...keep it up Trump. LA is doomed
  20. http://www.lapresse.ca/sports/autres-sports/olympisme/201702/08/01-5067721-jeux-olympiques-montreal-soutient-la-candidature-de-paris.php Over 50 major cities including Montreal, Athens, Mexico, Munich and sydney announced their support for Paris 2024. Also past host cities are openly supporting Paris
  21. There's nothing funny about war. I was being serious when I said that expressing concerns about a very real scenario (Iran) Lighten up? tell that to the families of hundreds of thousands of dead in Iraq that died for nothing because Bush wanted "to blow shit up". That's no laughing matter
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