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  1. The CSA said they would bid solo as early as 2014. Even when the first talks of co-bidding came out between Mexico and the USA, the CSA kept saying Canada would do it solo. The will is definitely there. Montagliani was the president of the CSA and won the CONCACAF presidency last year which made him a FIFA Vice-President. He's a powerful ally for a Canadian bid. The man is a very skilled politician while being very nationalistic, he went as far as threatening the MLS of de-sanctioning them in Canada which would ban the league if they didn't improve their domestic rules for Canadians. Finally, he's the catalyst of the creation of CPL "Canadian Premier League", a Division 1 league set to begin in 2018-2019 which is part of the bid component for the 2026 World Cup. So yes, the CSA is very serious about it and all level of government supports the bid In the 1976 Summer games, Montreal Olympic stadium had over 70k spectators to the final men's soccer match. The stadium could be reconfigured to have the number of seats exceeding 70k which is a number acceptable for a FIFA final match. It would cost way less to do this than build a brand new giant stadium. 2014 Estádio do Maracanã, Brazil = 74k seats 2006 Olympiastadion, Germany= 69k seats 2002 International Stadium Yokohama, Japan= 69k seats 1990 Stadio Olimpico, Italy= 73k seats 1978 Estadio Monumental, Argentina= 71k seats 1976 Stade Olympique, Summer Olympics soccer finals, Montreal, Canada= 71 617https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Football_at_the_1976_Summer_Olympics So no, in theory, we don't need to build a stadium for the finals, we already have one. We're a G7 nation, we can maintain infrastructure and we have been maintaining the Olympic Stadium the entire time Toronto doesn't need a stadium as shown above except for a 2028 Summer game Actually, I've shown that Montreal would most likely get the finals Yes we are both patriotic and smart, hence we're looking at this scenario with stadiums meeting or can be upgraded to meet FIFA Requirements: Stade Olympique - Montreal, QC = around 70k seats (Finals) Commonwealth Stadium - Edmonton, AB BC Place - Vancouver, BC Rogers Centre - Toronto, ON McMahon Stadium - Calgary, AB Investors Group Stadium - Winnipeg, MB Mosaic Stadium - Regina, SK BMO Field - Toronto, ON TD Place Stadium - Ottawa, ON Tim Horton's Field - Hamilton, ON Since FIFA said that 12 stadium are need to host a 48 team World Cup, we're missing only 2. Theses projects would be fast-tracked for a World Cup: Vancouver Waterfront Stadium: MLS Vancouver Whitecaps have been pursuing their own stadium from the City of Vancouver on the Waterfront. This stadium happens if the city cave to the team at giving them a Waterfront spot or the team accepting to build elsewhere. Legacy? Vancouver Whitecaps CalgaryNext project: The Calgary Sports and Entertainment, who owns all the major sports teams in the city wants to build a multi-billion complex for hockey, football and a FIFA Soccer Stadium. Legacy? Calgary CPL team Halifax: With the launch of the CPL "Canadian Premier League", a stadium will be built in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A world Cup bid would justify the construction of a permanent stadium meeting FIFA requirements Legacy? Halifax CPL team Other potential city? Quebec City So, I think we're good in term of costs and avoiding building white elephants.
  2. Canada is a G7 nation and a much richer country than Morocco. It's laughable to say that Morocco can host better than Canada. We already have stadiums that can be expended, just like Brazil did for some of theirs. We're rich enough to build stadiums.
  3. Yes, the US are now officially the weakest link of a North American bid...see below U.S. travel ban could affect chances of hosting 2026 World Cup - FIFA chief http://www.espnfc.us/blog/fifa/243/post/3078614/us-travel-ban-could-affect-chances-of-hosting-2026-world-cup-fifa-chief What else do you need??? The top 2 most influential and powerful figures in FIFA, Infantino FIFA President & Ceferin UEFA President, said that the ban will hurt a US bid. On top of that, Infantino clearly hints that no travel bans must be in effects or they will look elsewhere. Trump could care less about soccer and I think it could mean that the USSF could pass on a bid. Canada will bid solo if that happens.
  4. More than ever, Canada needs to do this solo, no USA
  5. https://www.moroccoworldnews.com/2017/03/210312/king-mohammed-vi-asks-king-felipe-host-2026-world-cup-morocco-spain/ FIFA president, Gianni Infantino, supports the Kings proposal. Infantino supports a world cup by horse back between African And Europe, between Christians and Muslims. According AS, Infantino believes that the 2026 World Cup would be an opportunity to demonstrate that futbol (soccer) can be used to overcome differences and in this way also gain FIFA a nomination for a Nobel Peace Prize. Infantino added that having Morocco, Spain and Portugal host the 2026 World cup could help clear FIFA’s current image of being a corrupted organization.
  6. So in a nutshell Canada-USA-Mexico (USA being the weakest link in the bid) vs Morocco-Spain-Portugal Canada should bid solo or with Mexico only. Everyone knows that Trump is far from being done with his idiotic decisions
  7. http://en.as.com/en/2017/03/07/football/1488900660_615809.html Morocco, Portugal and Spain to launch bid for 2026 World Cup Mohamed VI has asked King Felipe VI to join in a joint bid for the World Cup with Portugal to challenge USA, Canada and Mexico. Infantino backs the idea. Mohamed VI of Morocco has asked Spain’s King Felipe VI to consider a joint bid including Portugal to host the 2026 World Cup. The idea has the backing of Fifa president Gianni Infantino and would be a counter-bid to challenge the USA, Canada and Mexico, who are also planning to run but have been weakened by the election of Donald Trump to the White House. Trump competition Morocco has set its sights on hosting the 2026 World Cup in conjunction with Spain and Mohamed VI is confident of counting on the aid of his counterpart King Felipe VI. Both countries also wish to include Portugal in the bid after the Iberian neighbours’ failed attempt to win the right to host the 2022 World Cup. The next two World Cups will take place in Russia (2018) and Qatar (2022). On the basis of continental rotation the joint North and Central American bid is the frontrunner after Germany played host in 2006 but the immigration policies of newly elected US President Donald Trump may work against their designs. Infantino support The Fifa president backs a bid that will take place in Africa and Europe and between Muslim and Christian societies. Infantino sees the possibility of a successful bid as a unique opportunity to demonstrate that football can bridge cultural divides and also serve to have Fifa nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize for the initiative in order to clean up the organization’s image after a series of corruption scandals. Ángel María Villar has yet to comment on the idea as to do so he will first need to be re-elected as president of the Spanish Football Federation. Felipe VI on board The Spanish monarch sees a joint bid as a good idea, but only if it has a genuine chance of success. That may depend on the course that Trump’s migration policy takes. There is plenty of time to prepare: Fifa will not elect a host nation for the 2026 World Cup until May 2020. Mohamed VI to pull out all the stops A Morocco-Spain-Portugal candidacy – an Alliance of Civilizations -- is viewed favourably by the Moroccan and Spanish monarchs and also by Infantino. Working in its favour is the fact that Morocco holds the record as the country most often turned down by Fifa (the North African nation launched failed bids for 1994, 1998, 2006 and 2010) and that the joint Iberian campaign did not profit due to alleged irregularities in the bidding process for the 2018 and 2022 World Cups. 48 competing countries The 2026 World Cup will be an historic one as it will be the first with an expanded participation of 48 national teams placed into 16 groups of three for the first round. Draws will also be prohibited in the final round of group games and decided by a penalty shoot with no extra time. Morocco, Spain and Portugal hope to be the countries whose names go in the history books.
  8. http://www.espnfc.com/united-states/story/3049369/sunil-gulati-says-us-wc-bid-secondary-to-president-trump-immigration-ban Gulati says U.S. WC bid 'secondary' to President Trump immigration ban SAN DIEGO -- U.S. Soccer president Sunil Gulati said on Sunday that the American federation still hasn't decided whether it will bid for the 2026 World Cup, while adding that he's taking a wait-and-see approach to how President Donald Trump's executive order on immigration might impact the potential bid. "Sports obviously involves international movement and free movement of players, of ideas," Gulati told a small group of reporters at half-time of the U.S. men's national team's scoreless tie in a friendly match against Serbia. "How this plays out in terms of international events, I think that's frankly a secondary issue right now. The issue involving the executive order and its implications are far broader than that." Gulati declined to comment when asked if the United States Soccer Federation had a public stance on the highly controversial order, which temporarily bans entry to the U.S. of all refugees and most visitors from seven majority Muslim countries and sparked protests throughout the country and criticism from some governments around the world. But Gulati also said he had no problem with U.S. captain Michael Bradley, who slammed Trump on Saturday in a message posted to his Instagram account, voicing his opinion. Bradley wrote: "When Trump was elected, I only hoped that the President Trump would be different from the campaigner Trump [and] that the xenophobic, misogynistic and narcissistic rhetoric would be replaced by a more humble and measured approach to leading our country. I was wrong. The Muslim ban is just the latest example of someone who couldn't be more out of touch with our country." Of the Bradley post, Gulati said: "I saw Michael's comments yesterday and they were clearly heartfelt. Absolutely no issue whatsoever." As for if the current political climate in the country could influence whether the U.S. bids for the 2026 competition alone or along with one or both of North American neighbors Mexico and Canada, Gulati said the federation would continue to consider its options. Earlier this month, FIFA approved the expansion of the competition from 32 to 48 teams in 2026, and FIFA president Gianni Infantino has said repeatedly that he's open to having two or more countries co-host the planet's biggest sporting event. "We haven't made any commitments about '26," Gulati said. "The rules still haven't been completely clarified, although more of them are now known in terms of numbers of teams, joint bids, but the process is still very much up in the air. Until we know more about that we'll sit tight. "We're challenged by a number of things that are going on in the world. So let's see how those play out over the next few weeks before we make any decision about co-hosting or going alone or bidding at all."
  9. U.S. travel ban would hurt 2026 World Cup bid - UEFA chief http://www.espnfc.com/blog/uefa/258/post/3070217/us-travel-ban-would-hurt-2026-world-cup-bid-uefa-chief One can only imagine LA2024...
  10. Ceferin is the president of the UEFA, for those who don't know, it's the most influential, richest and most powerful confederation within FIFA U.S. travel ban would hurt 2026 World Cup bid - UEFA chief http://www.espnfc.com/blog/uefa/258/post/3070217/us-travel-ban-would-hurt-2026-world-cup-bid-uefa-chief In May 2020, Trump will still be president, then FIFA will have to take that under consideration. If Trump still pushes for the ban I could see Mexico and Canada say "see you later" for a co-bid with the USA. The CSA still refuses to comment on a co-bid scenario. Seems they are using a "wait and see" approach.
  11. I like how this turned into an East coast vs West coast thing. 2Pac and Biggie would be proud
  12. LOL Keep it up Trump and show the Olympic "spirit" http://www.ctvnews.ca/world/paris-mayor-fires-back-at-trump-for-insulting-her-city-1.3300142 Paris mayor fires back at Trump for insulting her city Hidalgo keeping it classy
  13. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/marco-vicenzino/fifa-the-geo-politics-of-the-global-game_b_7902102.html https://fivethirtyeight.com/features/how-fifas-structure-lends-itself-to-corruption/ Politics...The US plays the political game just as much as everyone else but got "outplayed" by the French president Nicolas Sarkozy, Qatari ruler and UEFA president Michel Platini. http://www.forbes.com/sites/andrewbrennan/2015/11/29/fifa-geopolitics-and-the-shame-of-making-the-beautiful-game-the-ugly-circus-part-1/#138974fa160d
  14. There's nothing more political than FIFA but you have the right to keep dreaming and think that the world is in awww with the United States no matter what it does...
  15. Gulati helping Infantino to get elected always meant that he "owed" him and it's showing today. Gulati being a very smart guy, most likely danced around the issue by having Infantino to support joint bids and sell that to the rest of FIFA. With that out of the way, proposing joint bids with Canada and/or Mexico dilutes the negative image of the United States and with FIFA saying CONCACAF must host, it guarantees the US to host some of the matches. I always give credit when and where it's due and Gulati was brilliant here. As for Impeachment, that's a big "if" and it's highly unlikely according to political analysts. No, they won't understand nor will they care to understand. That kind of "understanding" never goes their ways when they want something from bigger powers, you can't expect them to do that in return. The USSF clearly won't risk a solo bid. The odds are against them this time and they know it
  16. Nope, our "team" don't do "fake news" How naïve are you? So if the US can host on it's own, why doesn't it go ahead with a solo bid? Playing nice with the neighbours? It's not in the US DNA to do so. Regarding Infantino, how sure are you that it wasn't the USSF asking him to ok joint bids? Blatter didn't want any of those after Korea-Japan. Yeah...because after humiliating the Mexicans with the wall and recent BS, CONMEBOL and CONCACAF are way more likely to back Canada or Mexico Yeah...Travel bans on Muslim nations and antagonizing China and their bloc would make most CAF and AFC votes not go the US way. UEFA is the US best chance, but praising Brexit and insulting Germany and other European nation is a bad way to go at it. That Confederation would consider Canada just as much. Gulati, head of the USSF, said publicly that a Trump presidency would hurt/damage a USA bid. Google it. I won't say "I know better" but I'll say, you don't either. Didn't stop them to award Brazil both events just recently
  17. The intention was always the solo bid until the USSF started talking "co-bidding", first with Mexico, then adding Canada. The CSA stays silent at the moment so no one knows. A 2026 WC Bid would be far from weak actually and all this talk about "co-bidding" just shows the lack of confidence that USSF have of securing all the necessary votes, especially since you guys unleashed Trump on the world. It's not about the US "letting" Mexico and/or Canada joining their bid, it's about needing/using it's neighbours to get the votes they normally wouldn't get on their own. A FIFA WC would not weaken Calgary 2026 or Toronto 2028. The IOC and FIFA are unrelated
  18. Just reminding people that Dick Pound is not talking on behalf of Canada or the Canadian Olympic Committee. His opinion is still valid but doesn't reflect on what the COC is up to between 2026 and 2028...or both
  19. It's the biggest stadium in CONCACAF and a legendary stadium in the world of football. I know lots of people will go with the "bigger is better" argument, so following that logic, Azteca makes more sense
  20. Only way this flies is if the matches are evenly split among the nations. Also, who gets the final match? All party will have to agree on these points or it falls apart and everyone solo bid
  21. That still won't guarantee LA a victory. It's about getting the votes and now even the Europeans don't like the US and aren't hiding it. Praising Brexit by Trump was a sure way to get there. http://www.msn.com/en-ca/news/world/trudeau-says-eu-is-essential-for-world/ar-AAn091C?li=AAggNb9&ocid=iehp
  22. Wow!!! I stand corrected! For most of my life, the US did spend more than the world. I'm surprised! Thanks for correcting me. So is it China, Russia or both responsible for that?
  23. Not sure if it's sarcasm but it's actually true lol
  24. Americans bringing guns in Canada is an old problem. But I'll give you that, CBSA are total Dicks. They are worse with Canadians actually. That healthcare won't pay for itself lol
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