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  1. I would have to agree with the one who said that England should bid in 2030. The only reason Uruguay-Argentina happens is if FIFA says that for "sentimental" reasons they want to go there, otherwise, a UK bid will be overkill. They would have to build lots of new stadiums Let's look at their stadiums Argentina https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_stadiums_in_Argentina Uruguay https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_football_stadiums_in_Uruguay
  2. Whatever, I did say many times that a LA olympic would kill a Toronto bid. Perhaps not in the same post but I did say it and it's just common sense...really
  3. It's alright, I'm sorry to have further aggravated you. As for the world cup, Mexicans are pissed while Canadians have mix feelings from what I could gather so far. I think the biggest irritant is that all the games past the round of 16 are exclusively in the US. It's a US bid with Canada and Mexico support to kill any opposition from Africa. That's fine and we played our part. I don't think such a formula will happen in CONCACAF again.
  4. Where's the part where I said that a Toronto bid would only happen if there was no Los Angeles? Great way to pick and choose quotes
  5. WOW! Watch out for Toronto doesn't mean Toronto WILL bid. It meant to be "Toronto MIGHT bid 2028" Now you're just nitpicking Toronto is a merger of it's surrounding boroughs (Scarborough, North York, York, East York and Etobicoke) since only 2001. That's where "the six" comes from. Paris situation is very different than Toronto in that regard as they have one of the oldest system in the world. Since mid 2000s, we're basically catching up to the rest of the world and trying to keep up with demand. We're already ahead of L.A in transit. One of the major reason 2008 bid failed was due to that, it's technically a very young and new city entirely. The 2008 bid failure was studied and a report highlighted how much Toronto wanted to use the games to further build itself up and accelerate it's growth rather than showing what the city could offer to the Olympic movement...in a nutshell. This was addressed for the 2015 Pan Am games showing a glimpse of what Toronto can do. As posted above, it's the financial climate here. The Infrastructure bank is a game changer here and transit is priority #1. They made it easier for cities to build transit. Building stadiums ahead of new subway lines would be very unpopular.
  6. Brazil and Mexico only hosted twice. 2026 is clearly an American bid, I wouldn't count it as Mexico's 3rd time nor Canada's 1st time
  7. Shut up man. You know full well that I've never said that. My very first post was saying that Canada was also able to host and put forward a good bid. For your own amusement you twisted my words and paint me as someone who said Canada is better than everyone else.
  8. I said in the 2040s not necessarily 2040 sharp. It's unlikely that FIFA would give the USA a 3rd World Cup. That's never been done, not even Italy, France, Germany or England got it 3 times. That would be Canada's 1st time. It's an opinion, just like you have yours regarding the US where you clearly feels you are #1 in everything. Fine, that's your opinion, but telling a Canadian that he can't have an opinion regarding his own country is funny! I wasn't talking "credibility". You keep deforming what I'm writing. Are you actually reading? Credibility is earned, not given, especially in the 1st season. Financially, it will. They will be the 3rd highest payroll in CONCACAF, surpassing NASL financially. It's a reasonable assumption to say that with more money, you attract better talent. Debatable During the last MLS playoffs, millions watched Montreal vs Toronto and TFC vs Seattle. The US viewership was a fraction of that with 10 time the population. CPL will be fine. 12 Canadian markets are already preparing bids while TFC owners are freaking out over a Toronto CPL team. Pedestal? Why? Because it will be #5 in term of talent and #3 in term of finance? it will be above NASL, a US Division 2 league that barely escaped bankruptcy last year and almost folded this year. That's why they lost so many teams to USL, they are unstable and folding is a matter of time. There's no pedestal here, it's coming and that's what's going to happen
  9. I know you only read what you wanted to read. Toronto was always a "possibility", not a "certainty" The projects, no. The mean to pay for them, yes since the last federal budget highlighting the creation on the infrastructure bank. I don't see how Toronto would justify an Olympic bid when the city will be spending billions within the next decade to build subways and LRT. Now's not the time for games.
  10. The CSA gave MLS its sanctioning to operate out of Toronto and later Montreal & Vancouver with the understanding that it would be mutual beneficial. 8 years later, less than 5% of the league are Canadians and they aren't considered "domestic players" in MLS but counts as International players. MLS would allow Canadians to be considered as domestic in Canadian clubs but Americans had to count as domestic as well in Canada. The CSA wanted both Canadians and Americans to be considered as domestics but MLS refuses citing American labor laws. NASL (their 2nd division) made Canadians domestic across the board which demolished MLS excuse. Also, the last Canadian coach expressed his frustration at MLS teams often refusing to release players for call ups from Canada to hold practices and sometime participating in major tournaments, which weakens the team. The Canadian program took a huge step back since the MLS partnership which produced so little talent. Our best players are Hutchinson (Besiktas), Arfield (Burnley), Larin (Orlando) and Hoillett (Cardiff City). So the CSA under Montagliani are cutting off the USSF from Canada, level by level starting with D3 and now D1. They suspended the sanctioning of USSF bids to expand in Canada We'll know more next month. The CSA will sanction the CPL "Canadian Premier League" next month. It should start in 2018 in a shorten season right after Russia 2018 with the "original 6" teams. 2019 will be the first full length season expected to have 8-10 teams. The goal is 16 teams by 2028. It will be most likely a single-entity league with no pro/Rel at first but the door is open down the road. Level of play at first is expected to be the 4th best in CONCACAF at kick off surpassing NASL. The goal is to surpass Costa Rica and meet MLS and Ascenso MX at number 2. When the 3 MLS Canadian clubs join CPL, there`s no doubt that we`ll meet that goal. Today CONCACAF top leagues http://www.brotherlygame.com/2016/7/27/12209088/2016-rankings-best-top-club-soccer-leagues-in-concacaf-mls-liga-mx 1-Liga MX, Mexico T2-Ascenso MX, Mexico T2-MLS, United States 4-Primera Division, Costa Rica 5-North American Soccer League, United States 2018-2019 1-Liga MX, Mexico T2-Ascenso MX, Mexico T2-MLS, United States 4-Primera Division, Costa Rica 5-Canadian Premier League, Canada
  11. I doubt that Toronto is an "American Football" market to be honest. The NFL series was considered a failure and even the Grey Cup last year was sold out mostly by fans from other provinces. No one cares about the Argonauts either. With the Maples Leafs set to become the next superpower of the NHL and the Raptors being an elite team, I just don't see the NFL being that big of a draw. Hamilton loves the CFL and Southern Ontario is too close to Buffalo. As long as Buffalo exists, it will never happen. I have doubt Toronto will bid. Transit is the #1 priority and the region is going through a public transit renaissance that will make the GTA have a system comparable to Paris and London. The TTC alone have $33B of subway and LRT projects. I changed my mind on the Olympics and it's not a priority right now. However, next time it's North America's turn for summer games (2040s), Toronto will be a clear favorite. Same for next time it's CONCACAF turn to host a World Cup (2042-2046), Canada will be a favorite.
  12. Replicating Scandinavian nations seems to be the intent at first. We had to understand that as replicating what MLS has done is not viable for Canada It's extreme but we have no choice. The CSA & USSF association has been a failure of epic proportion for Canada. It's nowhere near the relationship England has with Wales. Right now, MLS is a huge obstacle to CPL reaching its potential as they are initially competing against MLS in the 3 biggest markets. However, Victor Montagliani already threatened MLS last year to strip them of the CSA sanction which would ban the league from Canada. We think it's a matter of time once we hit 16 teams.
  13. The league is set to start right after Russia 2018 in a shorter season. The first full season will be 2019. They want 16 teams within 10 years across with the ultimate goal of getting back the 3 Canadian MLS clubs (Montreal Impact, Toronto FC and Vancouver Whitecaps) and their markets by having the CSA de-sanctioning MLS from Canada. It will be the 3rd highest paying league in CONCACAF after MLS and Liga MX. All of this was done and made possible by Victor Montagliani, current CONCACAF president who took over the CSA in 2012 and resuscitate the National program.
  14. Really? Toronto 2024 was due to a lack of time to organize a bid so soon after 2015 and Alberta is recovering from a recession due to oil. It's called having priorities. Healthcare & Education or Commonwealth games that not a lot of people care about? Quebec City certainly didn't get the memo with their Videotron Centre arena paid 100% by public funds (which was dumb). Edmonton just built one of the most gorgeous NHL rink in the league Halifax, Montreal, Calgary and Vancouver are working on getting new stadiums. (MLS-CFL-CPL & MLB) Hamilton, Regina and Winnipeg just got new stadiums (CFL) Toronto and Ottawa renovated their stadiums (MLS and CFL) So, doesn't seem you know what's going on here. CONCACAF bid ensured no one will oppose it. Morocco was willing to bid against individual bids from CONCACAF but they are unlikely to do so against the whole confederation. They were counting on multiple CONCACAF bids to split the votes and win by securing Africa, the Middle East and Asia which represent half of FIFA votes.
  15. http://www.canadasoccer.com/2026-fifa-world-cup-canada-usa-and-mexico-declare-intention-to-submit-unified-bid-p160713 a video is up, get excited!
  16. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/List_of_association_football_stadiums_by_capacity Mainly to edge Azteca in terms of capacity to make the argument that the finals should be in the US. In terms of tradition/notoriety/popularity across the world, Azteca has the edge in CONCACAF and they can increase seating to over 100k
  17. Olympic Stadium will the Canada's major Stadium. They are already renovating the tower and will most likely remove it's roof. If they go for the 1976 configuration, it's a potentially 70k seats + stadium. It easily gets a semi-final match. 3rd place game would go to Edmonton Commonwealth or Vancouver BC Place
  18. Excellent article about the co-bid http://www.foxsports.com/soccer/story/usa-mexico-canada-2026-world-cup-host-bid-041017
  19. Fair enough, I won't reply to your posts then
  20. shows how little you understand the world of football and its tradition.
  21. So? The US hosted the most recent tournament and already had 1. Where most people agrees that US will get most of the games in the knock out stage, the opener, 3rd place game, semi-finals and finals are very much so up in the air at this point. This won't be a USSF bid but a either the 3 nations handling the bid together or CONCACAF taking the lead. The US could have easily bid on their own but opted not too. That means you have to accept the USSF won't get their way in everything. They have enough weight to lobby for more games and the finals but they aren't getting everything while leaving the less important groups to Mexico and Canada. If the USSF wanted everything going their way, they would have bid solo but they needed their neighbors to co host with them to overcome not getting enough votes to win and it was heading this way. Like people have already pointed, the most famous football stadium in CONCACAF by the rest of the planet is Azteca, not any of the NFL stadiums: Azteca is. It's a world tournament, not another superbowl so Azteca is getting opener or finals, count on that.
  22. and the US would be on their 2nd opening or Canada would be their first. I think one of the newer US NFL Stadiums will get the finals & closing ceremony, however, I doubt both opening and closing ceremonies goes to the same country. Mexico is still most likely to open
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