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  1. Real mature kid... you're past your bedtime.
  2. Not disputing the acquittal...but people resigned and we're expel from the IOC But there was no bribes...officially. Calling me a price is very immature and borderline insecure.
  3. Again... that won't be the deciding factor of the bidding process...sigh
  4. I see what you're saying but I think you're reading way too much MLS team staff wanting to volunteer. MLS team have property management firms or in house employees to manage venues, the soccer people don't take care of property management issues on top of team operations. Again, the existing stadiums are managed by people on behalf of MLS, CFL clubs... So again, I don't know why you're dwelling on this point as that won't remotely be a deciding factor on who gets the tournament. I can understand that you might not know Canada as well as you think you do, but logistically and property management wise, were on par with the US Oh I agree about the black eye on FIFA over choosing Qatar. Mind you we still don't know the specific of the bid requirements yet so we should be judging the bids once they're out. Dismissing a country ability to host from the get go isn't how it works, certainly not for FIFA. The only thing they care about is who has the best bid not telling themselves that they can't have allow a nation to built stadiums because they just grown a conscience (which I assure you they dont) It's Canada's burden to demonstrate that they can do it. Until they fail, it's a bit condescending using old stereotypes and childish jab to make fun of another nation ability to organize world class events. It gets really really old, for the rest of us outside the states anyways. I was going to reply your third point but won't even bother as I'd be repeating myself. And yes 2002 officials were bribed.
  5. Innsbruck 1976 and your "200 year gift" (if it's true) example was 40 years ago, yet you say that the examples that I'm using are too old... Now you're arguing just for the sake of arguing If you want to play on IOC and FIFA similarities, sure... Remember how fast the summer games of Chicago 2016 was thrown out and the World Cup of 2022 was given to Qatar instead of the USA???? Yet you claim FIFA will have some kind of "sentimental" clause over the 250th USA anniversary...History dictates that there's no such thing and that the USA gets no favors in regards to international sporting events...unless they bribe officials like for the 2002 Salt Lake City Games...Coincidently the last time the US hosted games...Never too late to bribe for 2026, in that regard, Canada is guaranteed to lose.
  6. You're hard to follow, first you say that you need the domestic league staff (your MLS example) to pull of organizing the World Cup. Then I point out that the USA did organized the World Cup in 1994 without having a domestic league prior to the tournament, and now you're saying they used the LA games staff... Ok... Again, Canada just wrapped up the 2010 Winter Games, 2015 Pan Am games and running at the same time the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup which shattered the attendance record, in the last 5 years. At least I know what the US organized in terms of international sporting events and I never presumed that the USA bid would be poor, you're the one who can't resist the urge of making yourself look good by bashing/mocking other countries and attacking their credibility without even fact checking.
  7. Last time I checked, the IOC and FIFA had nothing in common... Just saying that Canada and the USA will have the strongest bids. That's all. Also, FIFA's mandate of growing the game makes it a closer race then most people think as the USA are attempting to host twice in a row for their confederation, which has never happened in the history of FIFA.
  8. And you do??? You're the one implying that the USA 250th birthday will get them the tournament
  9. And where did that "special staff" for the 1994 World Cup came from? An "imaginary" MLS that didn't exist??? Cute from you to make stuff up. If the US can organize a World Cup, hell even Qatar, so can Canada who just wrap up the 2015 FIFA Women's World Cup who broke the record in attendance. Most would agree our "staff" was "adequate"
  10. hmm...Not disputing that 330 Million Americans care about their own birthday, but just highlighting that the rest of us "Billions" don't, neither does FIFA in regards to who gets it's tournament or not...
  11. Those countries aren't bidding. Canada is. Don't get confused so easily and try to keep up Canada 2026 is not up to you to decide but to FIFA council where one of the Vice-Presidents happens to be Canadian...so who knows? Expo 67 Summer Games of 1976 in Montreal Winter Games of Calgary in 88 and Vancouver in 2010 All the FIFA World Cups except the senior Man Commonwealth and Pan Am games...etc ok genius...
  12. We're getting near an answer... Toronto, Canada http://www.torontosun.com/2016/10/14/19-billion-price-tag-for-expo-2025 $1.9 billion price tag for Expo 2025, but boosters argue event would bring in almost $3 billion
  13. Toronto will be studying a 2028 bid before making any decisions. At this time, it seems that only Los Angeles losing 2024 would bring forward a 2028 Toronto summer bid at this point. The 2015 Pam-Am games actually performed beyond everyone's expectations in this city and would position the city as a strong contender if they were to bid.
  14. Very impressive rendering, Paris has to be the clear favorites at this point, especially since Rome withdrew
  15. You might forget that the USA was far from being a soccer power prior to 1994 and they still got awarded the World Cup...without even having a domestic league. As you can see and the rest of the world already knows, FIFA rankings doesn't mean anything in regards to bids. The point is to grow the game, just like it did to the United States post WC94 Canada is an untapped soccer market where more Canadians watch EPL than MLS. Toronto FC is the 4th most valuable franchise in all of MLS with Montreal and Vancouver also ranking high. Again, soccer wasn't a major sport in the United States for the longest time until Beckham decided to "retire" in MLS. The Canadian Soccer Association is preparing the launch of the CPL "Canadian Premier League" with the sanction Division1, around 2018, prior to the 2026 World Cup bid, something the US didn't do for 1994 Training Camps? You mean fields? Don't worry about them as you don't seem to know Canada very much, whatever is required by FIFA, Canada will match it. MLS is FAR from MAJOR... The rest of the world stills views it as 2nd rate (I don't mean to offend). By the way, it's those Canadian Clubs that does the lion share of the work in CONCACAF Champions league with Montreal reaching the Finals, Toronto Semi-Final and Vancouver this year having the best record in the whole confederation at the group stage...and those 3 have "MULTIPLE" academies in Canada. Manpower? If Wales with a population of 3 Millions people can rank HIGHER than the US, I'm sure a country of 36 Millions in Canada has the "manpower" to for a league and national team...... Canada went to the 1986 World Cup and won the 2000 Gold Cup after all... Actually no. Americans still keep making the mistake that FIFA and the IOC are like the NFL. NBA and MLB... In the grand scheme of FIFA, The United States barely has any power in FIFA. Europe holds all the cards, not America... Also, FIFA happens to be one of the only organization where third world countries that politically has no power on the world stage actually does within FIFA. By the way, all those conviction against FIFA corrupted officials was needed, but it did pissed off those that weren't caught. You, FIFA's credibility was damaged and don't be so quick to think that they view the US as a "savior". Also, awarding the tournament to Canada wouldn't be a mistake, it would be pretty much applaud across the board. So... the rest of the planet doesn't care and probably won't even notice....
  16. Toronto, Canada http://www.torontosun.com/2016/10/14/19-billion-price-tag-for-expo-2025 $1.9 billion price tag for Expo 2025, but boosters argue event would bring in almost $3 billion
  17. http://www.oddschecker.com/football/football-specials/fifa/who-will-host-the-2026-world-cup Odds according to the website Canada 4/1 USA 8/1 Mexico 13/2 Columbia 13/2 Morocco 16/1 Joint Australia/New Zealand 20/1 Perhaps most people think the USA are a no brainer and are most likely right, but we can't for get that FIFA is a different kind of animal compared to all the other leagues...meaning, you can dismiss the "USA biais" from the get go...same for the 2024 which I'd be shocked if Paris didn't win the games. Canada pending a quality bid would be a strong opponent and as shown above, oddschecker already likes Canada's chances at hosting the tournament. Here's a few factors to consider: Mexico held the World Cup twice already USA held it once in 1994 and they are trying to host it twice in a row for the same confederation, which has never happened in the history of the World Cup Outside of USA & Mexico, Canada is the most viable country capable of holding a World Cup in CONCACAF After Russia and Qatar, FIFA will need a drama and scandal free World Cup for 2026. Canada is the safer choice. FIFA's mandate is to grow the game. Canada is the most logical choice as they never hosted the tournament. Also, with the new Canadian Premier League set to start around 2018, a World Cup in 2026 would solidify the new league for good and grow the game in Canada, which remains an untapped market with tons of potential. Victor Montagliani, the current CONCACAF President is also by default a FIFA Vice-President and member of the executive of FIFA, happens to be Canadian (a very patriotic one) and most likely already have made his homework through his contacts within that FIFA inner circle on what to do to win the bid. He's most likely already lobbying on Canada's behalf. Canada held every World Cup except the main one and they we're all successful while breaking several past attendance records. The only thing the United States have is the number of existing stadiums. That doesn't mean that Canada can't build new stadiums to meet FIFA requirements. With the new Liberal Government in Canada, infrastructure spending is the cornerstone of their political platform, meaning, that the Federal Government will back a CSA World Cup bid and contribute to the construction of new stadiums, something the previous Conservative government would never do. In term of architecture, technical requirements, transit, logistics, good governance, sponsors and spectators, there's nothing the USA can do that Canada can't do either or better. Seems that Canada has been flying below the radar the entire time and should get a second look, before they surprise everyone...
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