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  1. I decided to post this video of Pulisic, by far the best American playing the game today. He's playing at Borussia Dortmund in Bundesliga, Germany 1st division. They are playing Monaco from League 1 (France) tomorrow in the semi-finals of the UEFA Champions League. Monaco lead the serie 3-2 On aggregate. Not sure that many Americans knows who is and how important he is for the future of your national program. So there it is.
  2. We used too after WWII and throughout the Cold War but they were shutdown eventually. Too bad indeed...
  3. Actually what I meant is that more kids are registered in actual soccer leagues than there are kids registered in hockey leagues in Canada. It started during the last decade. It's a mix of : •Massive immigration which brings that soccer culture with them like that kid Davies of the Vancouver Whitecaps who made the main roster last year at the age of 15. We're waiting for his passport to start him with the national team. Manchester United and Chelsea are scouting him. •middle class/less fortunate families who can't afford to put their kids in hockey programs because it's ridiculo
  4. I'd resume why were bad in this list: •Complacency: We were actually an average to ok team up until 1986. We were about equal to the US while having the better record when playing them. The CSA just figured out "don't fix what's not broken". But everyone else got better while we stall. •Indifference: Canadians like Americans were indifferent to the domestic game. Americans has NFL, MLB and NBA while we only cared about hockey and CFL. So whatever the CSA was doing, no one cared so they resumed their incompetent management. The 1994 WC changed the US but it didn't trickled down on us.
  5. I think the US version of the 2014 World Cup is as good as its going to get in the current USSF system. They were keeping up with world power teams which surprised everyone. The manager had a lot to do with it. However, Klinsmann was not a fan of US homegrown players nor the current system, hence him trying to get dual citizens and others to sign up for the US. The US has a good starting XI but they don't have a deep bench which should be coming from MLS and homegrown players. In the World Cup, you can't win the tournament without a deep bench. We'll see what Arena can do
  6. Just pointing out that we can't talk winning world cup when it isn't even part of the "culture" to begin with.
  7. To echo what you meant by the grassroots level needing to work efficiently to get a national team to perform Yikes....Bradley being an average midfielder...Glad I'm not the one saying it but most experts would agree. But I will admit that the will to be good at soccer is there for the US and that since around 1990. They have been better than us ever since while we used to be equals in the past. They've shown more commitment and resolve towards the game than us Canadians. We only started to show the same commitment to soccer around 2014 right after the last world cup wh
  8. So seriously...USA winning in 2026...not happening
  9. Messi and Ronaldo won't be playing in 2026 and I doubt they could be bought lol. As for the the US winning the world cup in 2026, I don't see that happening, even American media's would agree on that https://youtu.be/af2sy9xbrsA
  10. It is. I saw them play during Copa America. They are far from Argentina's league, nor Columbia level either. Until they dominate CONCACAF decisively, it won't happen. And no, not happening within the next 9 years
  11. Oh please...that's the best you have? NO need to get defensive, we fully acknowledged past failures of our program.
  12. Being in the world cup alone is everything for a footballer. Messi and Ronaldo haven't won it either. I think the US national team peaked in 2014 in Brazil. That's the best team we'll see for a long time...I think
  13. Lol! I'm capable of admitting that we aren't winning the world cup in my lifetime. The 2000 Gold Cup was the peak of the program where we won it by beating Mexico and Columbia. Unfortunately we've been all in hockey the entire time up until recently. As for Arena, I like his optimism
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