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  1. Well now that it seems Santiago 2023 is a sure thing, I'd say that 2027 would be a great opportunity for the USA. Unfortunately, there hasn't been that much interest for the PanAms in the US, but of course of all nations in the Americas it has the largest number of cities that could pull of great games. Cities like San Francisco, San Antonio, Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis perhaps? And in my heart, I'd really say I'd like to see Detroit host the PanAms.... even though I know that's really a long shot.
  2. Isn't it an option to use the rowing/canoeing venues of 1964? From what I can see in Google Maps they're quite close to Tokyo. The rowing course looks a bit built-up by now, but the lake where they held canoeing back then looks OK.
  3. San Juan could be a great host, but given the dire economic straits that Puerto Rico is currently in, it is indeed hard to imagine that they would bid. 2023 is not that far away and a government that can't afford to keep its schools open should know its priorities. If the economy rebounds in the next couple of years, however, I'd say that San Juan is definitely an option. Looking at their bid book voor the 2004 Olympics and seeing how many venues are actually in place, it could really work very well. The Olympics should be a bit too big for Puerto Rico, but the PanAms would be great.
  4. Yes, in 2002 the voters rejected the Berne bid. To be honest it was a bit of a weird bid, with alpine skiing in Crans Montana. I believe their were four cantons involved; I can only imagine the administrative nightmare there Games would have been! It appears that studies are being doing into a "Central Switzerland" bid which would involve Berne and Lucerne. Still a bit of a stretch I'd say... Berne could host ice events without too much problems: it has the biggest ice arena in Switzerland in place, as well as a large expo centre. Conceivably it could use Wengen, Adelboden or Grindelwald
  5. Sion would be a wonderful host; in my opinion they could just reuse basically everything from the 2006 bid. However, the most recent info I can find on this is: http://www.swissinfo.ch/eng/future-olympic-host-_western-cantons-launch-joint-winter-games-bid/42182234 Where it seems that the cantons of Vaud and Valais are teaming up as bidders, which means basically a joint bid by Sion and Lausanne, making use of skiing venues spread out across the two cantons (i.e. Crans Montana, Verbier, Villars, Leysin). I'm not too sure whether I think it's a good idea... but with the Agenda 202
  6. Indeed! What other big city does have this fabulous backdrop? And take a look at this for instance: If you renovate the Kniazhevo-Kopitoto cable car like this and upgrade the Simeonovo-Aleko to the same standards, the Vitosha will be a wonderful venue and a great legacy for sports and recreation for Sofia's citizens and visitors.
  7. Maybe, but they may have to one day. Seeing that most Western and Northern European countries seem completely uninterested, the IOC will be grateful for a Bulgarian bid someday soon. And Sofia has many things going for it: it's in the European Union, it's stable and democratic, and it's a big city with snow venues within an hour's drive.
  8. Dusting off the possibilities for a Sofia bid: I personally thought Sofia had one of the more interesting bids for 2014. It's one of the few European capitals with great winter sports oppotunities virtually at its doorstep. Reading the old topic I refer to below, I was enthusiastic about the ideas raised there and pondering whether indeed a bid without Bansko would be able to succeed. For instance: - Use Borovets for alpine skiing, ski jumping and nordic combined - Use Vitosha (Aleko) for freestyle and snowboarding. - Have all ice events in Sofia. Bobsleigh and luge
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