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  1. OK I did not know that. Well that would have been a good idea; if Milano would have used St Moritz as a sliding venue, they might as well have dropped the entire Cortina part of the games and concentrated snow venues in Valtellina. But well. I'd still say that one venue in another country would be easier than spreading out the games completely across two countries.
  2. Also, the precedent that you're referring too: in 1920 there was one sailing event not held in Belgium but in the Netherlands because there were only two competitors and they were both Dutch. And hello, it was 1920 so very different times. 1956 was a necessity because Australia's quarantine rules would have made it impossible to get the horses there thus impossible to hold the equestrian events. The IOC thought it problematic that Salzburg's proposed sliding venue for 2018 was in Germany, even though it was just a couple of kilometres across the border And as FYI has explained, it remains to be seen how well spread-out games will work. Let's see how well the logistical challenges posed by Milano-Cortina are handled.
  3. I don't think a multinational Olympics is ever going to happen. And we'll have to wait and see how well the logistics work at Milan-Cortina 2026, since this will be the first time the Games are so spread out. Don't think the villages in Switzerland would be the major issue.
  4. Good to see the federal government's interest. However, Switzerland is so decentralized that I'd think it will hard to organize games if the canton isn't fully on board. The IOC has preferred big cities in most recent Olympics, but for Switzerland that poses challenges that countries like Canada or China didn't have (nor the Milano-Cortina model). I think it would be difficult to get anyone really enthusiastic about a combination with Zürich or Genève and mountain venues in another canton. Bern could do it, because it has mountain venues in its canton. I'd say ice events in Bern (and maybe Thun), nordic events in Kandersteg, alpine events in Adelboden, freestyle and snowboard in Saanenmöser. Of course Wengen or Grindelwald could also be great. Lausanne also has potential with hosting everything in the canton of Vaud. Graubünden would not host "big city games", but has fantastic tradition and could take us back to the small-scale atmosphere that we all loved in Lillehammer. Added bonus is that the sliding venue in St Moritz is there, which always seemed a stumbling block in earlier Swiss bids.
  5. Does PACA have any sites that have experience in winter sports events? Most sites that have been mentioned are in Rhône-Alpes. Ice events in Nice or Marseille and snow events in Rhône-Alpes maybe?
  6. What about Vaud? Lausanne has hosted the the Youth Games; if they focus on Lausanne and mountain venues in Vaud (Villars, Leysin, Les Mosses, Les Diablerets, Château-d'Oex)?
  7. Yes, that is too bad. I can understand why, but my idea is that this kind of games would be exactly what is needed to turn the Swiss reluctance towards hosting the Olympics around. It would play on Switzerland's strengths and traditions, and since it's becoming harder and harder to find countries and cities interested in hosting, this would also mean a good chance to turn back to the kind of Winter Games everyone seems to want but that we have been moving away from. I know that the idea originally was to have Graubünden team up with a large city like Zürich, but I can see why that wouldn't be as appealing to many Swiss.
  8. An idea that really appeals to me would be hosting the Winter Games in the canton of Graubünden (Grisons). Several places there have a great winter sport tradition, the atmosphere would be small-scale (like in Lillehammer which everybody seems to think of as the best Winter Olympics ever) and there's lots of experience in hosting both sports an non-sports events. Transportation is great, and there's loads of possibilities there. I guess a lot of venues would need upgrading or replacing, but one could also use temporary or movable venues. For instance: Davos could host cross-country skiing (venue is already there), speed skating (there used to be a skating venue there, so the tradition is there), figure skating and short track. Chur could host ice hockey (one permanent and one temporary venue maybe?) Lenzerheide could host biathlon (existing venue) and part of the freestyle skiing and snowboard events Flims-Laax could host the other freestyle and snowboarding events. St Moritz could host alpine skiing, ski jumping (the venue there would need to be rebuilt) and bobsleigh. Three Olympic villages (Davos, Chur and Sankt Moritz)
  9. Regarding the remarks about the Inzell ice skating stadium; isn't true that the ISU would object to skating sports being held in different cities? I remember that this was in issue in Sion's 2006 bid, where figure skating and short track were planned in Sion and speed skating in Martigny.
  10. Well now that it seems Santiago 2023 is a sure thing, I'd say that 2027 would be a great opportunity for the USA. Unfortunately, there hasn't been that much interest for the PanAms in the US, but of course of all nations in the Americas it has the largest number of cities that could pull of great games. Cities like San Francisco, San Antonio, Dallas, Seattle, Philadelphia, Boston, Minneapolis perhaps? And in my heart, I'd really say I'd like to see Detroit host the PanAms.... even though I know that's really a long shot.
  11. Isn't it an option to use the rowing/canoeing venues of 1964? From what I can see in Google Maps they're quite close to Tokyo. The rowing course looks a bit built-up by now, but the lake where they held canoeing back then looks OK.
  12. San Juan could be a great host, but given the dire economic straits that Puerto Rico is currently in, it is indeed hard to imagine that they would bid. 2023 is not that far away and a government that can't afford to keep its schools open should know its priorities. If the economy rebounds in the next couple of years, however, I'd say that San Juan is definitely an option. Looking at their bid book voor the 2004 Olympics and seeing how many venues are actually in place, it could really work very well. The Olympics should be a bit too big for Puerto Rico, but the PanAms would be great.
  13. Yes, in 2002 the voters rejected the Berne bid. To be honest it was a bit of a weird bid, with alpine skiing in Crans Montana. I believe their were four cantons involved; I can only imagine the administrative nightmare there Games would have been! It appears that studies are being doing into a "Central Switzerland" bid which would involve Berne and Lucerne. Still a bit of a stretch I'd say... Berne could host ice events without too much problems: it has the biggest ice arena in Switzerland in place, as well as a large expo centre. Conceivably it could use Wengen, Adelboden or Grindelwald for skiing events?
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