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  1. The IOC really doesn't care for Los Angeles. They never have. The ONLY reason Los Angeles hosted the games in 1932 and in 1984 was because they had to, not because they wanted to. L.A. is actually a very unattractive, dare I say ugly, city with it's sprawl, freeways, smog, billboards...and more. One of the things the IOC likes are attractive, scenic cities that look amazing on television. There's only one city in the U.S. that would really be attractive to the IOC (and the USOC) IF the population of the city, and surrounding area and it's central industry would support it.

    That city is San Francisco.

    Cycling road races and marathons across the Golden Gate Bridge, sailing and marathon swimming on/in San Francisco Bay, stunning city scenery, the proximity of Napa and Sonoma, Marin County, the bay, the bridges, Golden Gate Park, clanging cable cars, Lombard Street, the victorian architecture and breathtaking vistas from the cities many hills - an internationally famous iconic and beautiful tourist destination, that would bring amazing television images to the games and the world. Most of the events could be held between the core of San Francisco, Berkeley, and Oakland (including the peninsula) all connected by BART and CalTrain. The new Transbay Transit Center rail and bus station will be finished soon, as well as the new addition to MUNI Metro, the Central Subway. Tech would also obviously play a large role as San Francisco is the centerpiece of the tech capital of the world: the San Francisco Bay Area. I think one of the keys would be to get the SF Bay area tech companies on board as sponsors/supporters.

    San Francisco is the USA's prime Olympic city choice IF all the pieces can fall into place.

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