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  1. Didn't even bother to read more than a couple sentences. I'm done with this whacked site filled with angry crazy people who also have personality defects. You're ridiculous.
  2. Instanbul is going down the path to becoming an Islamist republic at this point. And too much part of the powder keg of crazies known as the Middle East (even though they absurdly call themselves "Europe"). I do think another Rome games would be nice. It'd be nice if it went from Paris to Rome.
  3. You're nuts. And compulsive to boot. You've never read something in a magazine or a newspaper and tossed it down 'cause something you read you didn't like? Or thought it was stupid? Ridiculous? Really? And why do you interpret things to such extremes? And what significance does reading it in a newspaper have? Also, I actually lived in L.A. for over a decade. Did you? You're just as crazy here as others man. You really try to portray yourself as Mr. Know-it-all. Mr. I'm -So-Rational. But you're crazy. It's like you're yelling at eveyone and shaking your finger at them when you type. This place is a anylum of really....interesting people....and you're the leader.
  4. It's funny but you keep trying to pigeonhole me into the same category and "motives" as apparently is usual of the people around here. You come off as a real "know it all", as in you think you do.
  5. Being so much bothered by it? You exagerrate like there's no tomorrow.
  6. Where do get that it's "personal"? You make a lot of assumptions about people. L.A. is dump, and I dislike the Amercan South, and Texas. But what's so special about that? Everyone has their preferences.
  7. Oh of course. The IOC is one of the most corrupt, self grandiose, self important, idiotic, asshole organizations in the world.
  8. My God, people here have definite personality problems. Nasty.
  9. What differencemdoes it make? I lived in L.A. for more than a decade. I know the city very well.
  10. And yes, Atlanta had nothing over Toronto other than bribes and Coke.
  11. Atlanta just disgusted me and I'm not a great fan of L.A. What an ugly awful place it was to host the games in. But they had no choice. It was that or no games that year. I also moved to L.A. in 1988. Some of the "look" was even still up around the Coliseum (though trashed). I remember looking around and thinking "I can't believe they hosted here"
  12. Awww, you weren't alive in '76? I was a kid but I remember seeing Nadia score her perfect 10's. And L.A. '84 is clear as day for me. Anyway, you seem to already know the answers to your own question. You just like arguing.
  13. And in the future, what, France always and forever only bids with Paris?
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