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  1. Hello everybody ! I don't really know where to post it but I'm going to Norway soon, and I was wondering if the 1952 Oslo cauldorn is still there, and where can I find it ? My research on google are not helping me... :-(
  2. Hello Everybody ! I'm going to Japan this summer and by a coincidence, I will have a 2 hrs stop in Seoul airport. Do you know if they are selling Pyongchang mascot stuff there ? I will be so happy to purchase one ! I was so frustrated in Rio last year when I decided to buy "Vinicius" only last day in Rio's airport and when they said "We only take Visa card" (which I didn't have...).
  3. Hello everybody, fantomex from France. you may think I'm strange, but as an Olympic fan, when I'am in an olympic city, I like to see the cauldron. I wanted to make a "where can i see" list of cauldron, but there is some I'm not sure at all, so maybe you can help me (in green: the ones i have seen ; red, no idea where can it be seen) 2016 - Rio : I don't know if the cauldron (not the one in the stadium) will stay in rio streets, but it's opposite to the 19th century neoclassical church of Candelaria in the huge olympic boulevard 2014 - Sochi :Apparently still in the olympic
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