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  1. Oh yep..I know the feeling..I'm sure they can host Summer Olympics instead of Commonwealth Games..
  2. Yes..this is true..I'm pretty sure they should be similar as London 2012
  3. Yep..that's right..they must be the same as London 2012
  4. Hello there, nice meeting u..Amanda Kisah is my name..just want to say I have never been to any Olympic Stadiums in my whole life just yet..but..lately, I'd like to know about Tokyo 2020 Olympics as soon as possible..

  5. I'm gonna say that I'm totally agree with u..I understand how u feel about 2014 World Cup..is that really true?
  6. Aww true? Same as me, I never been there either but wish we could aye..
  7. Aww don't be like that lols we all going for Paris to support their countries and the athletes..I could hardly remember they got terror attack on 18 November last year..we've got to support these French people when some of them died and missing but yeah..
  8. Aww I remember that one..I was like 14 years of age back then..that's since 1998 Winter Olympics..
  9. Yes..sure is..Auckland has already been going for 2040 for Summer Olympic and Paralympic Games..just saying..
  10. Aww that's not true but how come they're not together?
  11. Yes, that's dare right..it is extremely inaroppiate about tragedy porn or drug test for all athletes within different countries..right? They should put on safety rules like 'do not'
  12. Yes..that's dare right..they'll better not to do any obscene like pornography stuff and that..plus..we are hoping there will be no drug test for any athletes..all Olympians should put on the safety rules..
  13. Yes..definitely aye..don't u worry about anything okay..everything is going to be fine for Tokyo..plus..they should be like London 2012..isn't it true?
  14. I know but hope everything is going to be fine for all NZ athletes and our countries here if we get it for 2040 Summer Olympics..
  15. I know aye..it's going to be similar to Beijing 2008 and London 2012..I loved their opening ceremony
  16. I know when I heard its name..it's Tokyo when they already been announced by Jacques Rodge 3 years ago..I already knew they won the Olympic bid on 7th September 2013..
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