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  1. Speaking of Atlanta and Nagano... I'm from Canada and I have access to both US and Canada feeds (NBC/CBS and CBC). I've always wondered why NBC/CBS didn't use the IOC graphics at the time. NBC in 1996 was using a boring white over gray design with no style at all, even if the games were in their own country and weren't they the host broadcasters??? I also remember the IOC graphics at the beginning of events included a miniature video presenting the sport. Americans did not see them. CBS did the same customizing in Nagano with a overly simple and boring blue design. Also why US broadcasters always want to customize so much their feed, even having their own replay logo and using different cameras at different moments than the standard feed, adding custom informations for athletes like their age, etc... ? CBC on the other hands never customized the international feed, but also integrated the same IOC graphics for their own presentation (presenter names, etc...) I remember in Albertville 92, the international feed was using French text, mostly noticeable in the figure skating events
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