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  1. How do you edit or delete your posts on this forum?
  2. Zaha's design looks a little like a supercar by MacLaren or Koenigsegg or maybe the cars looks like her. If, in fact, this is the stadium design they are building. If they need a cauldron I got plenty of puss left over from where the last one came from. Gas flame options up the wazoo. Incredible satisfaction and joy to be a part of it all. Lotsa new flame options. Bud, you up for it?
  3. Show someone a rock out of context and it can turn into a rocket. Just hilarious.
  4. Before Fernando went to the Geneva Global warming conference this was going to be the cauldron sculpture.
  5. There's a fantastic documentary on the production of the Ceremonies on the Olympic Channel: https://www.olympicchannel.com/en/playback/viva/ Unfortunately this content is not viewable in the USA and gives an error when the ubiquitous arrow is clicked. Does everyone else have this problem in the USA? Has NBC decided this content is not appropriate for US viewers? If so it's such an incredible shame since so many people, thousands really, gave freely of their energies and they deserve to be acknowledged. Thanks!
  6. It's really great to see everyone's creativity and their willingness to share their ideas no matter how relevant. Keep up the good work! Thanks!
  7. It looks as though the "cauldron" has been removed from it's tracks and winched up higher next to the roof line. I like how it looks up there. I have asked Buddy if they ever let it spin. It will be used for the Paraolympics but in what capacity I do not know. I do know they only have twelve hours following a soccer game to get ready for the main closing ceremony. Thanks!
  8. Time and a place for everything. Fernando and Daniela and Andrucha, the creative directors, had a grand concept in their minds for the ceremony. It would not be appropriate for me to push an agenda that was not aligned with theirs, no matter how good the design. So I was very happy to be able to supply them with something they liked.Thanks!
  9. The first things I designed for them were all horizontal. But incorporating the gas aspects were deemed to be too problematic. Blackening of the parts, etc. I even made a prototype. And they also wanted to minimize the usage of fossil fuels. Fernando settled on a more radical design until he went to the Geneva Global warming conference and then moved to the sun concept. Thanks!
  10. Hey guys. A big thanks for all the very astute and entertaining comments! Cheers, Anthony
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