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  1. Do I get at least 1% credit? I was the project lead on the engineering and fabrication... :-P Thumbs up to my buddy Anthony!
  2. From various sources around the web: Brazilian officials wanted this cauldron smaller than most, a reminder to reduce global warming caused by fossil fuels and greenhouse gases. Andrucha Waddington, one of the opening ceremony's creative directors, explained that the design (the kinetic structure) reflects the Olympic flame, which only requires a small amount of gas. So the kinetic structure (aka The Sun) is there to reflect and amplify the cauldron's flame. And I do think it does job if pretty good way. The effect was awesome.
  3. Guys, I will stay away of all political/economical or other unrelated matters. Our focus was to realize this awesome mechanical structure, giving it the best possible look and doing it on time. One achievement we did was that the structure had to be hanged, resist a certain wind speed (don't recall the number), turn in both directions up to 5 rpm with variable speed control and within an overall dimension from disc to disc of approx 40 feet (12 m). So we had to be creative and use various types of regular materials to keep the weight at around 6000 pounds (2700 kg). And all of this within a normal budget. So no exotic materials here but a mix of steel, aluminum, brass, fiberglass & pvc, which are all durable materials in my book! Look at your car. You may think it was not built for eternity but it was constructed to be shown in all ceremonies and meet the specifications of the request for proposal. As for the "faux chrome" effect, it's not fake at all and was quite a challenge! Add to this that you need to ship the equipment and be able to fit it in regular containers... All of this in 2.5 months. As for the small flame bowl, we were not related to it, only the kinetic structure.
  4. It's a mix of steel, brass, aluminum and fiberglass... And sweat... Weight is somewhere in the 6000 pounds (2721 kg). Then you need to had the bracket for the trolley. Sweating bullets... Would mostly say... sweating "chrome paint"... As it was quite a challenge to get it done right! And in a timely manner. And regarding the "coming back home" it is a contractual item that I'm not involved with.
  5. Shipped by regular 40 foot containers. We used 2. the main ring can be broke in 4 parts. 30 bushings with 4 arms per bushing for a total of 120 arms. 4 spheres per arms with a disc at the extremity. 2 electrical motors to power the mechanism. I'll stop here as I would have to give the whole set of drawings... :-P Biggest challenge: chrome paint (480 spheres total for the strucure all made of fiberglass)... and time! :-P Did I say time? But the Paralympics project was even crazier as for schedule... We had not interaction with the producers but did met and talk a lot with the artist, Anthony Howe. A cool guy by the way. About the "lose screw", you are well informed!!! lol... My 2 guys on site were pretty stressed but we made it work for the ceremony! They did an awesome job. As for the flame, we had no link to it. Everything is coming back home... Still no idea of what will happen with the kinetic structure.
  6. We only crafted the one in the Stadium. We did not get the outside one. I think it was built in Brazil. Yes, we did the Doha one. I was not working for them back then. But they are mechanically quite different.
  7. Sadly no... We got the contract at the end of February 2016. Final design was already selected. From first drawing to last part in container we did it in approx 2.5 months. Quite an impressive job from my team. We were approached for the out of stadium one but did not get the contract.
  8. Interesting video with Anthony Howe. Some inside clips of our shop when we were testing the structure.
  9. Been lurking to follow all the "leaks" during the setup but today I can proudly post. The Sun/Cauldron inside the Maracana Stadium was built in Laval (Quebec/Canada) by Show Canada Industries. https://www.facebook.com/industriesshowcanada/ We also took care of the backdrop Cyclorama (behind the box city).
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