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  1. It's us again!!! Yeah! Everything went well. http://www.show-canada.com/
  2. Awesome! Love the idea! no commercial on the internet... When is scheduled the light of the cauldron?
  3. @neneu10 Nice pic! The scope of work of the mechanical staircase was for one person!
  4. Try this in Canada: http://www.cbc.ca/sports/paralympics/paralympics-opening-ceremony-stream-1.3749459
  5. Well, it's not the kinetic sculpture (cauldron) as it's on all the pics out there... But what else do you guess we could have built?
  6. And we have another interesting mechanical structure in the show!
  7. @baron-pierreIV How to get a copy of your PDF doc? the message system on your profile doesn't work. Thanks in advance
  8. And we have another cool scenic element that is part of the show!
  9. lol... you crack me up every time! @JMarkSnow2012 Thanks for explaining the esoteric side of my job!
  10. Oups... clicked to fast! As I don't have 12 minutes to waste... What's that ILLUMINATIng thing? Not another conspiracy thing I hope? Some folks out there need a life. And how a kinetic sculpture gets into this?
  11. Here we go: https://www.dropbox.com/s/kqi8oz9xkfx2eds/[1024x576] VIVA - The Opening Ceremony Documentary for the Olympic Games Rio 2016 Olympic Channel.mp4?dl=0
  12. It the video from the Olympic Channel that Anthony could not watch. I downloaded it and shared it with us. Can you watch it? Would you like to be able to download it?
  13. To all the forumites, I managed to grab the video and share it with our friend @Anthony Howe
  14. @Kenadian first time I see it turn. All the time they show it on TV it doesn't move.
  15. It was quite a challenge but hats off to my team of engineers, drafters, mechanics, welders and all. They are great and one of the reason I get out of bed every morning. @yoshi http://www.baku2017.com/
  16. To be honest, I was not working for Show Canada yet in 2012 and discovered your forums when rumors of "leaks" were being discussed at the office. I simple "Google" search brought me here and I lurked until the Opening Ceremony was completed. The place here is quite entertaining and I was surprised to discover that so many people were interested in these events. Next big event would be Baku this coming Spring... And then Korea in 2018. We don't know yet if we will get involved but if yes... I'll be following the action going here.
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