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  1. I agree. The Paralympic OC was much more emotional and creative than the Olympic one with a budget even tighter. Congrats.
  2. I think Madrid won't be interested in bidding for a long time. The Olympic stadium is under construction as a football one with no track for Atletico de Madrid, the Aquatic Centre (under construction) has been reconverted in a gym for that football team members and the new local government nor madrileƱos are interested in bidding after spending their money on 3 attempts in a row. Enough is enough.
  3. IOC never warns any cadidate city about if it is too soon for them to bid or not, they always encourage them and say that what matters is the project. Liars, of course.
  4. 20 years in 2012 and 24 years in 2016 since Barcelona '92 so I suppose it is too soon for LA to bid after Salt Lake City 2002.
  5. I hope Paris beats LA (because of the time zone and... yes, because I love the city), but I'm a bit pessimistic about it. There's no point in comparing bids reports and so on cause we all know that IOC members are not well-known for making sensible decissions based on the common good. Having been rejected some times before this bid doesn't matter either, look at Madrid... 3 times in a row with realistic low risk projects.
  6. And why is it based in Madrid? In return for their 3 unsuccessful bids in a row?
  7. I know the feeling. In my case (or Spaniards case) it's even worse. The next 3 Olympics in Asia will be terrible to follow in Europe and to make matters worse Rio 2016 have been the last Olympics broadcast by the public TV in Spain (which meant free full live access to all the events through 2 of their channels on TV and up to 19 live channels on their web) since Eurosport acquired the rights for the next few Games so we will have to subscribe to a cable TV package if we want to watch them entirely because they are only broadcasting a small part for free on Discovery MAX (which is an open-access channel in Spain)
  8. I bet most of the athletes will have left the stadium in half an hour. In fact, some of them are doing it already.
  9. Oh yes, humidity and bare feet... I can smell it from here.
  10. I didn't see any hooligans and neither listened to any racist chanting in London 2012. You're talking about football, and we all know what football is and what comes with it (fanaticism and disrespectful attitudes), in Europe and in Latin America. And sometimes, it seemed that Brazilian spectators were attending a football match instead of an Olympic event.
  11. Has all the look of the games stuff arrived yet? The tennis centre court and some other venues don't have any branding on the stands.
  12. The first hour was quite amusing. Colourful and rythm. After the parade everything was toooooooooooooo slow and boring. It seems that it's not enough with two speeches so they have made up an award as well. Did you notice that most of the athletes left before the ceremony was finished? 5/10.
  13. Do the waterfront sculpture move as well? In that video it's static. They should have broadcasted the lighting of that cauldron as well.
  14. According to the video I watched, the Olympic rings section will take place after that carnival and before the speeches.
  15. Can we already say "I told you"? All in all, let's try to enjoy what Rio can offer and let's hope the IOC makes decissions taking into account reliability and good judgement next time.
  16. So, to sum up, they were late for the World Cup and, two years later, they are also late for the Olympics. Incredible.
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