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  1. I used to like the idea of Istanbul hosting the Olympics (They were my 2nd favorites to host the 2020 games just behind Japan). Now though, with all the stuff going on in Turkey right now, I'm not sure about an Instanbul Olympics... I think Cairo or Casablance would be pretty cool since it wouldn't just be the first Olympic Games for the Arab World, but the first for Africa too
  2. Both would make good hosts IMO, so I'm neutral. (Honestly though, I'd rather see Budapest or Rome over these two, but I don't see that happening)
  3. I like the girls who China are entering in the beach volleyball tournament (Fan Wang and Yuan Yue)
  4. Eh, I'd rather not see E-Sports at the Olympics. But if they did introduce them, they should also bring back the art competitions what featured in the Pre World War 2 Olympic Games
  5. I'm English, so I'd love to see my country host it. I also wouldn't mind Canada or the US
  6. China really don't like the Olympic Village apparently http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/world-asia-36944741 (On a side note, I wonder why they didn't like London 2012, I thought it was on of the best personally...)
  7. This is kinda interesting. Shame there aren't any images of them http://www.fifa.com/worldcup/news/y=2016/m=2/news=tiger-wolf-and-cat-shortlisted-to-be-russia-2018-mascot-2764813.html Sorry if this has been posted before
  8. Such a shame this is happening to Turkey. I've been there and it's a beautiful place (Well, the parts I've been are great anyway)
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