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  1. You aren't noticing the bare concrete??Just turn on the tv and tune on the channels where they show tennis and football cities. Needless to say that the olympic stadium - one of the most important venues is all concrete on the upper stands.
  2. Volleyball arena seems to be complete. If you take a careful look at the banners on the side of the field, you will see that there's kinda improvise. The boards are no the the correct order. what a mess.
  3. It's a shame that the side decorations in most of the venues are missing. In the football arenas, there are almost no boards on the side of the field. In the olympic stadium, there are boards only on the field. There are absolutely NO decorations on the upper audience. there's only raw concrete. The same happens in the tennis court. No decorations on the upper audience either. It's so ugly and makes the arenas so poor. Does anyone know what's going on? I wonder if cost cuts affected the budget for the look of the games. Honestely, it is the ugliest look of the games I've ever seen.
  4. The 'look of the games' at the Volleyball Courts in some Olympics: Atlanta 1996 http://i67.tinypic.com/33u6788.jpg Sydney 2000 http://i64.tinypic.com/2rxegip.jpg Athens 2004 Beijing 2008 http://i65.tinypic.com/17pvo6.jpg London is missing Now Rio 2016
  5. I am having trouble on uploading images. Will somebody help me? Thanks. PS. Ooooswald, I love your comments.
  6. I made this so we can have a notion on what the Volleyball venue will look like.
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