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  1. I'm sure there would be a recount - any election that close would likely face a recount. I don't think there'd be any lawsuits - it's a non-binding plebiscite, so in theory Council can still do whatever they want anyway; although even if losing by one vote, Provincial and Federal funding vanishes, and so does the bid. This is the first time that Calgary is using electronic vote counting machines, so I'm not sure if a recount would even be worthwhile?
  2. Seems there may be life yet - funding agreement reached in advance of tomorrow’s City Council vote (which needs supermajority). Can’t see why they wouldn’t just let it go to the vote now... https://www.calgary2026.ca/wp-content/uploads/2018/10/News-release-Done-Deal-Calgary-2026-October-30-18-FINAL-CLEAN-2200.pdf
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