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  1. http://instagram.fsdu2-1.fna.fbcdn.net/t50.2886-16/13965802_580752722096821_1413984134_n.mp4
  2. Omg guys, u need to sotp! It's boring how you're jugding the hole cerimony just by pictures. LETS RIO SHINE without yours negative comments. I'm loving everything, it's so colorful, so alive. They are working so hard to give their best. Lets wait until august 5 to jugde
  3. Idk why, but it looks like Katy Perry's Teenage Dreams stage haha But I'm really excited to see the official image of the Metropolis
  4. all the torch bearers already had a "class" of how to run with the Torch
  5. I just got a confirmation with one of the members. But I'll see it better, thanks
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