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  1. Just to remind you, the swimmers lied saying that the police stopped their taxi, putting guns on their foreheads and demanding money, also stealing their belongings. So it's not a simple thing. They can be charged for Providing false information in the original police report.
  2. http://m.nzherald.co.nz/sport/news/article.cfm?c_id=4&objectid=11696846 Here's the full story
  3. http://edition.cnn.com CNN confirms there was no robbery but vandalism. See the video evidence.
  4. Except that the athletes have already mention that there was no gun pointed. The security guard had a gun but he never drew it.
  5. Dude the athletes have already confessed the farse. There were no robbers. the athletes were trying to cover up their vandalism.
  6. So the swimmers not only lied to the international media causing international tension, they also vandalised a private property and were violent towards locals. Man if you defend vandals, in Simons else's country, then there's something pretty messed up with you. I wonder how many more similar made up stories have appeared since the beginning of the Olympics. Like last night, some Australians returned drunk to the Village and tried to excuse it to their committee saying they had been robbed. They were punished and are not allowed to attend the closing ceremony. It's easy to fabricate stories when you are in a vulnerable country. Western countries love to feed on it. I'd say well done Brazilian investigators for not allowing another foreign farse and for exposing the scandalous media. Points for you.
  7. Right, let me explain myself. I've been following different blogs, vlogs, and other social media of people who attended the ceremony and they raved about. Plus, I have been to many kinds of events in stadiums that had great atmosphere (like Rugby/Cricket World Cups, etc), but nothing close to what I've seen in the Rio Olympic Ceremony videos with all those people dancing and singing on the stands. It must have been exhilarating.
  8. I didn't attend the event, but my impression is that the audience at Maracana stadium had the best experience, perhaps even more than previous Olympic ceremonies.
  9. The countdown looks way more interesting from this angle!!
  10. You're excitement depends on the amount of people in the stadium? hahaha Never mind the Olympic Record...
  11. Beautiful!! This ceremony was so colourful! I enjoyed the artistic concepts and the vibrancy and participation of the Brazilian crowd. I don't remember any other ceremony where the public interacted in such a way. I also enjoyed the music, though I hope to see a lot more rhythm in the closing ceremony and Paralympic ceremonies.
  12. Guys it was not a robbery scene!!! It was a street vendor (the guy would be trying to sell a bikini to Giselle) and the police would think he was annoying her and would try to stop him... Then she would intervene. Something like that. But people in the stadium thought it represented a robbery and the directors decided to cut the part out. ... FREAKING MEDIA
  13. Of course I don’t think the money would have otherwise been used to feed the hungry children of the world... In fact, I believe the Games generate financial opportunities for the host country and its people... But the extravagance, the exaggeration, that's my concern... And the worldwide media pushing news about clogged toilets, size of venues, impact of the opening ceremony, etc... Sometimes it feels like the Olympics are not about the sports anymore. I love the Games, I’m crazy about the ceremonies… But isn't it a modern version of the bread and circus concept?… The reason why I called it hypocrisy (even my own) is because we don’t see countries mobilizing themselves to deal with social issues with the same determination and pride they put into organizing lavish ceremonies… We don’t see governments investing billions to resolve issues with the same gusto they show towards the Olympic (or any other) games.
  14. When you watch the ceremony tomorrow, remember that is costs 1/10 of what London's opening ceremony costed, and 20x less than Beijing. According to Meirelles, one of the directors, initially they had planned to spend much more, but had to be creative and use a much smaller amount compared to previous ceremonies. The total they will spend on the 4 ceremonies in Rio (opening, closing olympics and opening, closing paralympics) will be around $56 million US dollars. Just the opening ceremony in London was $41.5 million. I think it is good. It is so ridiculous and hypocrite that in every ceremony there is so much lavishness and they talk about peace and happiness when there are millions of people around the world hungry and hurting... So, I'm glad Rio's budget is so much smaller!! I think we will be impressed with what they are going to put together. Brazilians are creative and are able to impress even with less resources. And from what I've seen in the rehearsals, it looks great!
  15. GO NZ!!!! Shame Sky holds the broadcasting rights though... I wish it was TVNZ.
  16. I think that troll Paul is Brazilian poor soul. will die lonely.
  17. I agree that the Barra park is not that inviting... It lacks gardens and trees. However, let's not forget that Rio's Olympic parks are actually divided into 4 clusters. The Deodoro Olympic Park, for example, happens to have lots of trees and colourful arenas. But yeah, Barra one could be better.
  18. Oh my goodness... Olympics and World Cup are two different things. The FIFA opening ceremony wasn't even created by Brazilians. The Olympics in Rio have got super talented people on board, read their qualifications in the SRCOM/Cerimonias Cariocas website. The opening will be great in its own way. It does not have to have any large structure like previous Olympics because this is a different one, with a different perspective, and in whatever way they choose to present their show, it will be full of professionalism from years of work and financial investment.
  19. "Rio reminder: Every Olympics seems like a disaster before it happens" http://www.foxsports.com/olympics/st...happens-071416 Pre-Games turmoil doesn't always make for a bad Olympics. By Chris Chase Jul 14, 2016 at 3:29p ET If you haven't heard, the Olympics are in disarray. Nothing is ready. Citizens are angry. There are safety concerns, financial concerns, travel concerns. Forget about pulling it off, there's worry they'll even be able to get started. Read all about it: • "The Olympic Park [is] going to be ready only a week before the Opening Ceremony. Seven million tickets hadn't been printed. Training of the volunteer staff of hundreds has not yet begun. Remodeling of the airport is incomplete. A large proportion of the money required has not been raised." • "Thousands of stray dogs will be poisoned ahead of next month's Olympic Games." • [The delay] dovetails with all the clichés about, at best, the nation's inefficiency and, at worst, the nation's untrustworthiness." "If all this weren't depressing enough, government and opposition have turned the Olympic delays into political football, trading bitter words and accusations over the whole mess." • "Official government figures show that the initial $5.4 billion budget has increased by half as much again. But government economists admit in private that the end figure may be nearly $13 billion. • "More than half the tickets remain unsold. Tour operators report sluggish bookings and up to 6,000 of the 62,000 hotel rooms are up for grabs with just weeks to go before opening ceremonies. [...] Olympic construction delays and terrorism concerns are being floated as the main reason for the lagging interest." • "The Olympics are an irresistible stage for athletes—but also for those who wish to act out their grievances before the world. The Summer Games, which kick off on Aug. 8, are hardly an exception." "The Olympic sailing venue has been hit by the worst algae blight in living memory, forcing officials to order an emergency clean-up of threatened regatta routes." (Getty Images) It's going to be bad. Really bad. Except that in the end, chances are it probably won't. The (slightly tweaked) news excerpts above are from the Summer Games in Greece (2004) and Beijing (2008), two events that were supposed to be complete Olympic disasters that would set back the movement and forever change how we viewed the greatest, largest spectacle in sports. We didn't even get into the Sochi Olympics in which Russians were going to spy on athletes and journalists, kill stray dogs, put up competitors in ramshackle accommodations and create untenable toilet situations. There were "specific" terrorist warnings and Chechen separatists were apparently just going to mosey up the coast. And, oh yeah, Putin was probably going to wake you up in the middle of the night in your single-sized room with two beds and force you to wrestle him and a grizzly, shirtless, by the light of the moon. Oh, the Sochi Games were going to be a mess. But by the end of the Olympic fortnight, things usually work out okay.
  20. Watched on the news today (Band News): 97% of hotel rooms in Rio are booked Rio 2016 has reached its target financial goal from the selling of tickets for sporting events. (My opinion is that the number of tickets sold will probably reach close to 96-98% since Brazilians like to purchase tickets in the last minute). Almost 80,000 security forces are already at work in Rio Every person attending the Games will have their IDs verified electronically. All venues are ready. They will start installing the visual identity today. From the perspective of the locals who were interviewed, population's support is growing steadily. People in the streets are confident everything will go well and will be a great party like Brazil is famous for. They mentioned several major international events which happened in Brazil in the last 4 years that were a complete success.
  21. Great news! Maybe now money thirsty golfers will decide to compete in Rio. Oh, wait, there's barely any case of Zica in Rio right now... They'd be better off travelling to Florida...
  22. Rio will be the greatest success in the history of the games. It sounds like you've never been to Rio either and has no idea about the potential of that place. You wanna talk issues, then open up a blog and waste your time discussing the corruption, pollution, etc, of every Olympic city in the past and in the future. It doesn't matter whether it is in a developed or undeveloped country, problems will always be there, since Greece and Rome. Your opinion (and mine) matter nothing, change nothing, and add to nothing. But I must add paul that I've notice you always bash everything that is posted positively about Rio. What is your problem? Were you raped by Rio or something? Even then, it wouldn't make sense to disrespect the citizens of that place the way you do. It's their home. YOU are a TROLL and since trolls deserve no attention, this is the first and last reply you receive from me.
  23. Get over it dude! No other Olympic park was built in such a beautiful setting. When you are at the park in Rio you just need to look around you to be in awe of the splendour of nature. Actually, most places in Rio near the ocean are like that. By the way, have you ever been to Rio?
  24. If you speak Spanish, this is a great video made by a Spanish reporter in Rio:
  25. It's sensitive alright. Why do you know why Rio still has favelas? Because of Human Rights, which at times can be a pain. The city would have moved those people a long time ago to brand new homes, but they like to live at the top of the hills and pay nothing for electricity, water and cable TV. If the government tried to remove the favelas, leftists of Marxist agenda would be so annoying and and international shitty media would give Brazilians hell, like they are trying to do now. Brazil is not China. Favelas will remain where they are, unfortunately. BTW the cubes are a city, not a favela.
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