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  1. Yeah, few Irish and Estonian are watching the games from inside Rio's prison...
  2. The athletes were finish entering the stadium in Tokyo 2020 hahaha I think everyone decided to stay in Rio for the closing party. That's good!
  3. I'm loving this. The opening act was much better than at the opening ceremony!!
  4. That was my fear in relations to the storm hitting Rio at the moment. Now we won't have aerial shots. No Christ the Redeemer in the picture
  5. Friends saying it's raining heaps in Rio. I hope it won't spoil the party.
  6. Weather forecast says it will be raining cats and dogs in Rio during the closing ceremony. With that field sealed, is there a chance the stadium could flood?
  7. Wanna know one of the reasons for empty seats during the Olympics? http://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/olympics/83406596/Rio-Olympics-2016-Three-more-Irish-officials-investigated-in-ticket-scalping-probe Rio Olympics 2016: Three more Irish officials investigated in ticket-scalping probe
  8. So, what I was saying about empty seats during the Olympics and the Erupean ticket mafia... http://i.stuff.co.nz/sport/olympics/83406596/Rio-Olympics-2016-Three-more-Irish-officials-investigated-in-ticket-scalping-probe
  9. To me, the only people who can give honest and fair verdicts are the athletes and attendees of the Rio 2016 Games. In any case, just for the fun of it, here goes my opinion: I think these games have had exciting stories, the sports have been fun to watch, and Rio seems a lot more colourful than previous Olympics (Athens, Beijing or London). I can only recall Sydney having the same atmosphere. I have been following all the action from NZ. If I was to depend on the local media to form my opinion, I would have a screwed up, manipulated view about it all. Luckily, I've got friends who are in Rio atm and are raving about it. I've also visited that city 5 times (though it's been a few years) and I have many Brazilian friends. They are having a great time! Only complaints have been accommodation costs. In any case, judging on the photos they are posting on Instagram, the money spent has been worth it. The empty stands is something is still don't understand, given that Brazil has sold almost 90% of the Olympic tickets. I wonder if this has something to do with the European ticketing mafia (have you guys heard about an Irish official being arrested in Rio?), but my theory is that the sensationalist Western media put off too many tourists from going to Rio. I don't think we have the rights to complain about empty spaces in the stadium when we contributed to bad mouthing Rio (fear talk, that mostly did not mount to reality). Oh, and my Brazilian friends are telling me how much Rio has changed. The new waterfront (man, when I visited Rio last time that downtown was shabby - I can't wait to see how they revamped it), new museums, new schools, new transportation system, new sporting equipment, new recreational areas and parks - when you take an honest look, a lot of positive changes have taken place in a short time thanks to the Games. These legacies alone show us that the Games were effective. So, overall, I believe Rio Olympics have been successful and its sporting events (which are the real reason for its existence) will be cherished and remembered for many years. Rio joins the elite group of 21st century host cities and it can stand proud.
  10. Honestly, after seeing what happens in European stadiums, with all the racist chanting and the hooligans in the streets (do you remember UEFA Euro?) I'd say the Brazilian crowd behaviour has been quite good. I watched their game against Germany today and all I saw the Brazilians applauding the opposing side and having a good time with fans from different countries. Yeah, nothing out of the ordinary. I guess you are not missing anything...
  11. Good for you. Shame you didn't get to experience a full stadium. It's awesome.
  12. Have you ever been to an event in Brazil? I have. I've been to Rio 5 times. I know what I am talking about. And, last year we had the FIFA U-20 World Cup here and I attended some games. When Brazilians were on the field, the Brazilian fans made the difference on the stands. I loved watching them, their support was infectious.
  13. I have a feeling the closing ceremony will be more interesting than the opening ceremony. I'm anxious to watch it now. Luckily, it will be at 11am here.
  14. What does it have to do with the economy?? The statistics were on international tourists satisfaction. http://agenciabrasil.ebc.com.br/en/economia/noticia/2015-11/some-95-foreign-visitors-would-return-brazil-survey-says http://www.mirror.co.uk/lifestyle/travel/usa-long-haul/brazil-world-cup-tourism-triumph-4126879 http://www.dailymail.co.uk/travel/travel_news/article-2701389/Brazil-welcomed-1-035-MILLION-tourists-World-Cup-final-Facebooks-talked-topic-ever.html
  15. I never dismissed that report as false. But did you know the guys who robbed him were arrested and he got all his belongings back? I bet you didn't.
  16. What is worse, booing to get a competitor nervous and help the local team, or throwing bananas onto the field and making racist comments like we see happening all the time in EUROPE????
  17. Statistics from research done after the World Cup are a reference, but in this case of the Olympics I'm basing on everything I've read, watched, and all my friends who are in Rio (who are American and New Zealanders). I've been to Rio 5 times, I know from personal experience. Anyway, can you prove wrong?
  18. You wanna talk about high profile issues? Where are the Zika outbreaks? Where is the rubbish in the water? Where are the millions of tourists being robbed? Where are the terrorist attacks? Dude, get over it. There have been millions of tourists in Rio over the last months, they loved it and the majority are saying they will be back. That speaks for itself.
  19. No the Australians arrived drunk! And they couldn't prove their story.
  20. As I said, again, some of these stories were made up. Notice even the story on the GB athletes, no detail, no names, just a simple paragraph.... Seriously.. So much so the Australian athletes making the claim were punished and not allowed to attend the closing ceremonies. Yes there were other real issues, but nothing high profile as you are claiming.
  21. Funny, those events didn't happen during the Olympics. And when the Australians tried to use the same "robbery" argument for coming back drunk last night, they were punished!! Nope, definitely no high profile issues.
  22. What?? The US media is to blame for many articles of doomsday to take place Rio. Which is ridiculous, given the enormous amount of issues taking place in the US (Zika, contaminated water, violence). No high profile muggins/robberies took place in the Olympics and that's why nothing was reported. Why are you so thirsty for that? Can't you just accept the games were successful?
  23. Now the story is turning into a racial discussion in the US http://m.huffpost.com/us/entry/us_57b5f528e4b00d9c3a160fd2?
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