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  1. True. But Rio, in the handover and ceremonies showcased its culture (was that its theme?) and established dance and music as its style. London's handover was pointless, but its ceremonies had a strong drama and musical thematic.
  2. Probably influenced by the design of their logo. Did you notice the colours and shapes alluded to the logo?
  3. Japan's presentation and the perspective inside the stadium... It was way more interesting on TV.
  4. http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3752157/Rio-s-parade-rained-one-time-Olympics-closing-ceremony-hit-torrential-rainstorm-Brazil-brings-curtain-half-stadium.html A torrential rainstorm hit Rio and kept many people from being able to get to the stadium. However, the Brazilians still managed to throw a nice party!
  5. Here's a news headline about the rainstorm http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-3752157/Rio-s-parade-rained-one-time-Olympics-closing-ceremony-hit-torrential-rainstorm-Brazil-brings-curtain-half-stadium.html
  6. No they did not give away tickets... There was a tropical storm in Rio. The hurricane winds brought down trees and power poles, places flooded, blackout. My friends are Rio and have described it to me. Many people could not make to the stadium!
  7. It was pretty cool. I hope they stick with the futuristic team, because Japanese traditional culture tends to be boring to watch.
  8. I've been told that the tropical storm that hit Rio was actually so bad the hurricane like wind took down trees, power poles, and there was a blackout in parts of the city. Many people could not make to the closing ceremony!! Unlucky. I'm surprised everything went well in the closing ceremony.
  9. And since when the athletes part is supposed to be enjoyable?? Give them a break.
  10. Yep, still think this closing ceremony had more interesting and Brazilian elements than the opening. I'm really enjoying!!
  11. I don't think London had that many athletes taking part in the closing ceremony
  12. So people bought multiple tickets to make money in the closing ceremony and are trying to sell them now?
  13. I think think lots of people moved to the upper tiers to avoid the rain lol
  14. It think it would have been cool if they came in through multiple tunnels at the same time. Imagine the athletes storming into the stadium!
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